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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Cassie’s P.O.V

I woke up and immediately grabbed my phone. After getting over the light which was killing my eyes I noticed I had a message from Frankie.

Morning beautiful. Xoxo F

That is just so sweet.

Morning Babe. Xoxo C

I so don’t want to get up right now.
I laid there for five minutes. I still didn’t want to get up but someone was knocking on the door. I groaned but got up and answered it. I was shocked to see Frank holding two Starbucks coffee with a huge grin on his face. A smile grew on my face as the smell of coffee filled the air. I took the coffees off him then placed them down and threw my arms around his neck. ‘You are fucking amazing.’ He chuckled at my statement and put his arms around my waist. I pulled back and pecked his lips. ‘You could have given me a bit of warning though. You know so I could have sorted out my hair and face.’
‘What’s wrong with them?’
‘Well the fact I haven’t been awake long so I probably look terrible.’
‘You don’t. You look stunning no matter what.’ I smiled at him and grabbed a coffee as he picked up the other. We lay back in the bed drinking our coffee with my head leaning on his shoulder.

‘Cassie, wake up.’ My eyes fluttered open to the sound of Frank’s voice. ‘You are probably the only person I know who can fall asleep after having a coffee in the morning.’ He chuckled.
‘What time is it? You should’ve woken me up.’
‘But you looked too cute to wake up and it’s only 11’
‘Oh ok. Wait were you just watching me sleep all this time?’ He nodded. ‘Oh.’ I snuggled closer into him and wrapped my arms around him.

~Two Months Later~

Mine and Frank’s relationship was as strong as ever. I sat next to him on the sofa and he put his arm around me. ‘You want to watch the show tonight?’ This was surprising. I never really thought about going to watch.
‘Yeah sure sounds fun.’ He smile grew and I could tell he was planning something. ‘Frank what’s going on?’ He shook his head.
‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’
‘You have that look in your eye. Please tell me Frankie?’
‘You’ll find out.’
‘So there is something!’ He nodded. Great I hate surprises.

~Later That Night~

The show was amazing. It was the end and Gerard was saying goodnight and they all left. Except Frank. ‘Ok tonight we have a surprise for you all.’ The crowd went wild. Bob came up to me and handed me my guitar and whispered ‘good luck sis.’ Then it clicked in my mind.
‘No no no no no no no no.’ I muttered under my breath.
‘We want you to meet someone very special.’ He looked at me and smiled. I probably looked very scared. ‘She didn’t know about this till just now and I think she may be nervous so I want you all to cheer for her.’ The crowd went wild again. I could see Frank chuckling. ‘Ok I shall be one second.’ He walked over to me and grabbed my hand. ‘Are you ok with this babe?’ I nodded. I don’t know why but I did. He pulled me onto the stage with him. ‘Ok so this very wonderful lady is Cassie. Bob’s sister and my... uh... Girlfriend.’ There were loads of aww’s, screams and various other things from the audience. ‘So she is hopefully going to sing us a song. She writes amazing stuff.’
‘Uh thanks.’ I knew I was blushing. He lead me to a couple of mics set up ready and I sat on the stool. ‘Uh ok hi. This is called ‘Beauty is dangerous.’ It is my most recent so bear with me here.’ I laughed nervously. They were all quite waiting to hear what I came out with.
I started strumming.

‘You have my heart,
In the palm of your hands.
It’s up to you,
Just how this will end.
Do you know?
How you have control,
Do you know?
Just how much I feel.

Beauty is dangerous,
Which means so are you.
You have the power,
To break my heart in two.

It’s time to admit,
How much it’s true.
The fact that,
I love you.
I know it’s soon,
It hasn’t been long,
Since I first met you.
But do you know?
[/Beauty is dangerous,

Which means so are you.
You have the power,
To break my heart in two.

Beauty is dangerous,
Which means so are you.
You have the power,
To break my heart in two.
Beauty is dangerous!’

As soon as I finished everyone cheered and a smile grew wide on my face. Frank came back on stage grabbed my guitar and laid it on the floor. He had tears running down his face. ‘It was beautiful.’ I smiled.
‘Just like you, I love you.’
‘I love you too, Cassie.’

A/N I'm sorry about the wait. Writers block. You like? R&R? And I just wrote that song like literally just wrote it, so sorry about it's crappiness.
~Transmission Exploder
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