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Chapter 8

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The boys go out drinking. What happens when they return? Edited. I wasn't to happy with this chapter so I re wrote some of it.

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A/N Ok I am so very sorry about how long this took! I just didn’t have the time or inspiration. Ok so I have no idea where to go with this so could you possibly leave an ask on my Tumblr with ideas? Follow me as well if you want –le shrugs-

Chapter 8

Cassie’s P.O.V
~2 weeks later~

I was sitting on the bus alone. Everyone had gone to a bar and I wasn’t up for it. I had to convince Frank that I would be fine alone, he can be more protective than Bob sometimes. I heard the bus door open, they must be back.
Only Mikey walked in.
‘Hey Mikey. Where are the others?’ He shrugged and sat next to me.
‘I don’t know. I think they’re still at the bar.’ He was completely drunk. He shuffled closer to me and smiled. I just smiled back confused. Then he started playing with my hair.
‘Uh. Mikey? What are you doing?’ He chuckled.
‘Just messing with your hair.’ His face was pretty close to mine at this point. ‘Why?’
‘It’s just kind of uncomfortable. I think you need to go to bed and sleep.’ He smirked at me.
‘Only if you come with me.’ Then he crashed his lips to mine. I struggled but his strong arms wouldn’t let me go. I heard a noise from the doorway and Mikey pulled back. I looked to see what it was and I saw Frank with his eyes open wide with tears pouring down his face. Before I had the chance to explain he ran off the bus. ‘Cassie. I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that.’ I slapped him. I saw the red mark instantly covering his face. He looked really sad and held his hand to his face, but for once I didn’t give a shit. Gerard, Ray and Bob came on the bus but I didn’t notice.
‘Sorry isn’t enough Mikey. I don’t care if you are drunk, I don’t give two flying fucks if you thought it was a good idea or whatever other excuse you may come up with.’ I ran off the bus to go search for Frank.

After about 5 minutes searching I went back to the bus.
‘Guys have you seen Frank?’ They shook their heads. I felt a tear run down my face. What if he wouldn’t let me explain? I can’t lose him. I know we haven’t known each other for long but there is just something about him. Bob walked up to me. He pulled me into a hug and whispered ‘Mikey explained, don’t worry it will work out. Even if it takes a while for him to hear you out.’ I sighed and nodded as he let me go. The door opened and Frank walked on, eyes red and puffy from crying.
‘Leave me alone.’ With that he crawled into his bunk. More tears fell down my face.
‘Cassie I’m so so-’ Mikey started I interrupted him.
‘Fuck off Mikey.’ I growled. Then I went to get in my bunk, I noticed something on the floor so I picked it up. It was a photo of Frank and me at the arcade. Smiling and with Ice-cream. He had some on his nose and I was wiping it off. I never realised this was taken. A small sad smile crossed my face at least he didn’t rip it up. I climbed into my bunk and hugged the photo as I fell asleep.

~3 Days later.~

I woke up to a scream at about five am. It came from Frank. I jumped out of my bunk to find him by the kettle and boiling water everywhere. I noticed he had spilt it over his stomach. I went to get a flannel with cold water on as quickly as possible. When I got back he had just taken his shirt off and I held out the flannel. He took it but he wouldn’t look at me. ‘Frank.’ Still nothing. ‘Frank can I just explain?’ He looked up.
‘Oh yes please do explain why the fuck you were kissing my best friend!’ He said in a flat tone. ‘Please explain why once again I trusted people and they let me down, why I have had my heart broken, again.’ I could see the anger on his face and the sadness in his eyes. I never realised how much he had been hurt.
‘He kissed me. I was trying to get away but he was too strong. You can even go ask him yourself!’ I said quietly. Hoping he would believe me. His eyes widened and he stormed off to the bunks.
‘Mikey fucking Way get your arse up now.’ I heard Frank scream. Then he came back followed by a very sleepy Mikey. ‘Is this true?’ He looked confused then it hit him what Frank was talking about. He looked extremely guilty and nodded. Frank punched him in the face and went to punch him again. I couldn’t let him do this.
‘Frank, no please stop it. It’s not worth it and he probably didn’t know what he was doing!’ I pleaded. He looked at my face and he calmed down.
‘Frank I really am sorry, I don’t even know why I would do that, she’s like a sister to me. I really don’t know what came over me!’ Frank was still looking at me and he could tell I thought he should apologise to Mikey.
‘I’m sorry for hitting you. I just didn’t understand how you could do this to me.’ He was glaring at Mikey now.
‘I’m sorry.’ He whispered. Frank sighed.
‘Whatever lets just drop it.’ We all agreed and Mikey walked back of to the bunks.
Frank and I looked into each other’s eyes.
‘Cassie I’m sorry I should’ve listened to you instead of just going by what I saw.’ He leant down and gently kissed my lips. I deepened the kiss and he ran his tongue against my bottom lip. I let his tongue enter my mouth. After a while we pulled back so we could breath but had our foreheads together. We smiled like idiots at each other. We didn’t hear Bob come into the room. ‘Ugh thank the dear lord they won’t be moping around anymore.’ He muttered to himself and we both chuckled.
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