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Pissed and pissed off

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Mikey gets angry

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I returned from the bathroom to find Mikey stumbling down the stairs, looking as hungover as hell. I wondered if he had anything to do with this. He staggered over and slumped onto the couch, lying in an identical position to how I was in a few moments eariler.

"Owwww" He grunted into the cushions. I just watched in silence, still in shock from what I had just discovered on my bum.


"Whaaat?" My brother slurred, rolling over and leaving saliva on the arm rest.


Robyn was now awaking, making small grunting noises. She propped herself up and rubbed her eyes. I sat down next to her, accidently touching her hand.

"Get the fuck off her!" Mikey made an attempt to stand up, but clutched his head and fell back down. I edged away quickly. For his scrawny self, he was pretty strong, and could hit a good punch.

"You okay Robyn?"

"Fine...fine...just a headache" She grasped her forehead

"Um, we need to talk"

I took her into the bathroom. Mikey had flipped me off at this point, concerned I was going to make a move on his chick, but too lazy to really do anything. I breathed heavily, and showed her the..the thing...that was on my arse. She screamed. This woke Ray up, as I could hear his high pitched "Holy shit" from the other room. This time, my brother actually decided to move his hungover butt and see what was happening.

"What the hell did you do?" He screamed

"He's got my name tattooed on his ass!" Robyn cried, being pulled into a hug from Mikey

"The FUCK?"

"I-I don't kn--"

"What the hell do you mean, you DON'T FUCKING KNOW?" He had now let his girlfriend go, and was pratically spitting in my face.

"I don't remember, seriously bro....I just woke up with it. I---" I lent backwards as Mikey made a swipe for me, but I lost my balance and fell onto the sink., hitting my head on the wall.

My vision was now blurred, and doubled. My brother's face, I could just make out, was bright red. His teeth were gritted. Robyn looked scared, pressed up against the other side of the room. Ray was now also present, holding a flannel. He placed it on my forehead for a while. Quite a few dizzy moments later, he removed it, and stared at it with worry. I could make out the deep colour of blood staining the cotton. My hand flew to my face, and everything went black
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