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Lets Get Drunk

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There are some shocking results to this party

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I knocked on Frank's door. I was later than the rest of the guys and Robyn, but oh well. I'd had imporant things on my mind. The door opened, and there was Frank, a can of beer on one hand and a dog under his arm. It was a yappy little chihuahua, and I stared at it nervously. His zombie cotume was quite good, in all fairness.

"Hey, Gerard!" he smiled, and I entered the house. I could already feel the heat getting to me. I'd decided to wear my skeleton pyjamas, I got the feeling that I'd boil in them. Mikey sat in the corner of the living room with Ray, giggling at something I couldn't hear. Their Batman and Robin costumes would have looked funny if Mikey wasn't drunk. He seemed pissed already, his face was flushed, his glasses were on upside down and Robyn sat there looking like she wasn't enjoying herself. I waved, and she walked over, and we headed into the kitchen. She was dressed as Robert Smith from The Cure, her hair all back combed and her little mouth smeared with red lipstick.

"Well, this is a riot." she said sarcastically. "He's just... I don't even know..."

"A lightweight?" I guessed, smiling as I picked up a handful of popcorn from a bag on the counter. She nodded, opening a can of coke.

"I mean, we've been here an hour, he's had hardly anything and he's already pissed. Trust me to have such a delicate little flower for a boyfriend."

I laughed, and Frank came into the kitchen. His dog had disappeared, and he sat up on the counter. Blood from his costume dripped over Robyn's sleeve, and he wiped it away with his own sleeve, muttering

"Sorry, I'm such a drip tonight."

Robyn laughed sarcastically, staring into the living room, looking as if she wanted to punch Mikey.

"Fuck it. Let's all get good and drunk." She sighed, and we all agreed.


"Ah, my head..." I muttered. The light hurt my eyes too. I stared around me, I was in my own living room. Ray was sleeping in the armchair in the corner, Robyn had fallen asleep on the stairs. Mikes was out of sight. Probably in his room. I was lying on my front, I didn't like it, it felt uncomfortable. I sat up, and then immediately shot up off the couch. There was a sharp pain in... My ass cheek... I looked at the couch suspiciously. No mean little traps or anything there at all. I crept to the bathroom, keeping quiet. And I swear I could have curled up and died when I saw the name of my brother's girlfriend tattooed quite premanently on my person. Hiding this from Mikey would be hard, let alone my parents and Robyn herself. Holy cow, Batman.
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