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Ray's secret is revealed and Jared is on the run

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I ran as fast as I could, stumbling over my own feet. I had to get home. No more of this. But I always said that, even when I didnt get caught. I always ended up going back the next day, taking more. Unwrapping the scarf that covered my face, the sharp night breeze hit me. My body shook with the new tempreature, and a note fell from my trouser leg. I grabbed it quickly and put it back in my pocket. If they ever found out it was me I'd be dead. I looked round. Nobody was in sight. Starting up my walk again, I decided to appreciate the October twilight.

The moon smiled down on the town, engulfing us all in a magical glow. The old fashioned street lights helped to illuminate our settlement. Stars twinkled in the inky black blanket we called the sky. The aurburn, broken leaves on the trees at the side of the path. Tudor buildings, standing tall on the edges of the roads...

"Ray? Is that you?" It was Jared. He had almost bumped right into me

"Uh, yeah. Aren't you grounded?"

"Yeah, but I can't be arsed with that bitch's commands anymore. What you doing out?"

"Just taking a little walk" I lied. Jared nodded. "Where are you going?"

He didnt reply, just looked to the ground.


"Some place else"


"Im...Im running away"

"What!?" I noticed a backpack on his shoulders.

"I sneaked out to check on Robyn, I heard screams from the streets, she's okay by the way. Anyway, after that I crawled back through my window, grabbed my bag and stuffed some stuff into it and left again. After finally ignoring her requests, I figured I didnt have to follow anything she said anymore. Including having to live with her. She's a cow"

I stood with my jaw wide open. How could I be shocked at this behaviour, when I had just ROBBED a fucking supermarket? I reached into my pockets, taking out a wadge of notes. "Take this, and don't go out of town" I gave him a friendly pat on the back, and carried on home
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