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Its Almost Halloween

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The lovebirds get caught and Frank has a plan

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I can safely say I had never blushed more in my life than when Mikey had kissed me on that evening outside his house. We parted quickly when we heard footsteps. I turned around to see Jared stood there in the street, staring at us. Mikey and I glanced at each other, before turning back to stare at Jared. He looked confused, and then let out a little

"What the fuuuuuuck..." before returning to silence again. I turned to Mikey and said, in all seriousness,

"Fuck, the kissing police have found us. Run. RUN MIKEY, RUN!" and then laughed at Jared. Mikey giggled, and put his arm around me. Jared walked awkwardly into the garden.

"So, are you guys... like... uh..." he said, staring at the floor. Shouts from inside startled me , and Mikey held me closer. The humidity in the air soon turned to light rain as we stood outside. Mikey seemed to be caught off guard by Jared's half finished question, and blushed a deep shade of red. I smiled at him as he glanced at me, and he muttered,

"Uh... I don't... know... Uh..." I rolled my eyes, cutting in.

"You may as well be, Michael." I smiled, kissing him on the cheek. He smiled back, his glasses steaming up. There was another shout from inside.

"Yeah, any way, what's going on?" Jared asked. "I came over to see if you guys were okay."

"Oh, it's okay, our parents got home and, well... Gerard's in trouble." Mikey sighed. "Any way, I gotta get Spazzy McGee here home before she dies of fright. God help us all on Halloween." He had a point. It was next week. I'd be a wreck. Oh God, that was gonna be embarrassing.

I punched him softly on the shoulder in mock annoyance, before turning in the direction of the gate.

"Oh, Halloween? That's my birthday. Any of you care to join me for a little party at my house?" Frank laughed, as he stopped, mid-walking down the street, just passing by. His hood was up against the rain, and cast a very ominous shadow under his eyes, making him look almost skeletal.
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