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Out the Window

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Jared breaks the rules

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"Goddamn it" I put my precious guitar back in the closet. Being grounded, there was nothing else I could do. But I was nervous about going back to school and couldn't play. It had only been 2 days for God's sake. I heard a petty knock on my door.

"Come in"

It was the youngest of our family, Kila. For a 5 year old, she was very self centered, marching in.

"Mummy wants a word" She placed her icepop back in her mouth and toddled back out into the hallway. I followed my little sister and slumped down the stairs.

I stopped on the last step, perking my ears up. I could hear shouting. Peering through the little window by the door, I saw the Way's house, with a car parked outside. Looks like their parents were home

"You little---"

Then there was a scream. A female scream. Wasn't Robyn there? My heart skipped a beat and like the coward I am, I ran back to my room. I couldn't care less about my mum right now. Standing in the doorway, I considered going down, out into the street, but then my fear came to me again. I finally decided to go and see what was up. It wasnt the smartest idea to get there by climbing out the window ledge.

I ran across the road, narrowly avoiding an angry motorist, who cursed from his car. I could see two figures on the lawn outside to dwelling. I edged closer. They were a boy and girl. Closer still. Robyn and Mikey. Even nearer. They were...kissing?
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