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Cat In The Washing Machine

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Mom and Dad are home

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"MIKEY! GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" a loud voice shouted. I looked to the door, turning away from him, and Mikey leaned forward and faceplanted the floor. His glasses were broken, the arms mangled by his face hitting the side of the wardrobe.

"Ah, shit. My parents are home." he sighed, taking his mangled glasses off and rubbing the side of his head. I knelt down beside him, taking his glasses and bending them back into shape. I sighed, smiling at him.

"Accident prone much?" He laughed, taking his glasses back from me and putting them on.

"Well, looks like the shit is about to hit the fan. Gerard is going to be killed." He glanced devilishly at me. "Shall we go and watch?"

"He's gonna get a killing for saving me from a bunch of crap that happened in the last week?"

"No. He's going to get killed for getting suspended, not looking out for me and not watering the plants for a week. Maybe I'll pipe up with all his heroic deeds after he's grounded." Mikey giggled. "Being the youngest is the best, Gerard gets blamed for everything. Except that time when the cat got into the washing machine..."

"MIKEY!" a female voice shouted. He yelled downstairs, looking annoyed.

"Sorry... after my parents are done shouting, I'll walk you home. Sorry about all this... I wish you could stay here..." he sighed. He picked himself up off the floor, and then helped me to my feet.
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