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8 cups of coffee and a room full of fun

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Robyn's girly girl side shows

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Frank glanced around the room, sticking his nose up at the flowery wallpaper. He slumped down in the elaorate armchair. Gerard looked a bit angered. It was pretty obvious that was HIS chair, and nobody elses.

"Coffee all round, yeah?" The older Way shuffled out into the kitchen. Mikey started to giggle, but stopped himself as he looked at me. "Erm...he likes coffee...a lot" I nodded in agreement as Gerard walked in with 8 cups of coffee on a tray. There were only 5 of us. "Two for Mikes, 3 for me" He went over to sit where he usually sat, but edged away from Frank's glare.

It was disgustingly strong, but I managed to force down the mug. Mikey drank his in about 2 seconds and Gerard had finished before he had started. The coffee obviously had an affect on him, as I saw his legs start to jitter. Mikey seemed calmer, but his hands were shaking.

"I-I need to go upstairs" The hot drink had made me feel sick. Without a word, Mikey followed. As I started climbing the stairs, I turned and saw Frank, making a heart with his hands. I blushed and sped up my pace.

"Are you okay?"

I had been around 20 minutes in the bathroom. A good five was spent admiring how pristine it was. Blinding white walls, with a spotless power shower, sink and toilet. I could have never got anything so clean. I felt like I needed to throw up, but I couldnt. It was an odd sensation. I just sat on the floor and thought about things. Dad, Frank, Mikey, Dad, Mikey, Frank, Mikey, Mikey...Mikey. I half laughed, half sighed, shaking my head. It was obvious that my inner girly girl had kicked in.

"Im fine!" I emerged from the room, cheeks burning red again. I didnt notice that my best friend was now leaning in the doorway of a bedroom, looking ever so sassy. I coulndt help but chuckle.

"What?" He was trying to keep a poker face, but a smile was showing.

"Nothing" I pushed past him into the room.

Navy paint, grey carpet, Misfit posters and C.D's everywhere. The odd comic book scattered on the floor and a bunk bed crammed in the corner. I looked closer. Pokemon duveut sheets. Very Mikey. He sprang over onto the matress, nearly hitting his head on the base of the top bunk. I sat next to him, a bit closer than usual.

More stupid sniggering, as he lent forward
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