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A Familiar Face

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Robyn is suprised,twice.

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I sat in the Way's living room with a cup of hot chocolate in my cold hands. Mikey sat down next to me, putting an arm around me and stroking my hair. I shivered from the cold tears that ran all down my neck and arms.

"I ruined it. Tore the family apart... Mikey, my dad hates me..." I stopped when a truly angry look appeared on his face.

He stared down at me.

"Don't you dare. Don't you ever blame yourself for what that twisted woman has done to you and your dad. She is, and will always be, evil." his face seemed to gain a little more of it's awkwardness back. "And, well, you... You're just... amazing and pretty and talented... and I'm rambling, I should shut up now..." he muttered, blushing, his glasses sliding away from his face. I stared up at him, at gently pushed his glasses back up his nose. He smiled, the blush in his cheeks subsiding.

"Oh, Mikey..."

"Hey, Mike! Great news!" Gerard shouted as he bounded into the living room. He stopped, his face fell into an embarrassed little smile and he stood there awkwardly as Ray and another guy shuffled in. "Oh, we'll leave you two alone, then..."

Mikey turned a violent shade of red, and I smiled at him, and laughed "Shut up, Gerard." The older Way stuck his tongue

out at me, and then said,

"So, do you want to hear this or not?" We nodded, and he said proudly "This is our new guitarist. Perfect guy for the job, I think you'll agree, Michael."

The guy that had walked in with them walked further into the room, and I could see him clearly. I recognised him, but I couldn't think where I must have seen him. I'd seen him recently, that was for sure. He had dark hair, was only a little taller than me, maybe around 5'4, and I blushed involuntarily when he smiled and waved at me.

"Hey, I'm Frank."
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