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Not a safe place

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Mikey takes charge

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"" I couldnt really hear Mikey over my sobbing. "Im coming over"

Well, that I heard clearly. He hung up and I dropped the phone.

My dad was downstairs, he would have to answer the door. Crap. But I didnt want to look at him. He never knew but I just couldnt help but think he was in on it. What to do?

I decided to go to the lounge, and wait for my friend. The room had a different essence about it. It seemed empty, no presence in it. Like it was dead or something. Dad had forgot to put away the photo of him and Ola, all though they had discussed divorce when he visited her at the prison. She was still staring at me through the glass frame. I swear she blinked. Im glad little Niall wasnt hurt. He didnt have to suffer. I reached through the chest of draws for a picture for him. Pulling one out, I teared up again. I dropped it to the floor.

Mikey barged in without knocking. It was weird. Sometimes he was really shy, and other times he was really confident. He sat down on the couch, and loooked down at the peice of shiny paper on the carpet. "Who's that?"

"My brother"

"Does he live here?"


"Where does he live?"

Awkward pause

"Oh God" Mikey put a hand on my shoulder. "Im so sorry"

"Its okay" But it really wasnt.

After that we didnt say anything, we just sat there together, both in deep thought. It must have been about 20 minutes before he got up. "Im taking you back to my house. This place, it isnt safe for you. You are staying with me"

He dragged me out into the hall, as my dad walked in from the kitchen. Mikey looked back, and stared at him. My dad looked down and Mikey led me out onto the street
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