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Mikey is worried about Robyn

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Mikey sat alone in his room, contemplating what had happened. She'd looked so shaken, so upset by what she'd had to tell them. He sighed, taking off his glasses and throwing them on his desk. The house was quiet, Gerard was out with Ray taking auditions for a guitarist. Starting a band, he said. All was quiet as the sun set over the horizon, and Mikey just sat there, his face in his hands. He was tired, but he had a history paper due tomorrow he'd forgotten all about. He wrote four lines, then gave up.

Maybe if he explained... But he'd had a week suspension to do it in. He was going to get a detention, or possibly worse. His permanent record was going to look great. He wished he was out with Gerard and

Ray, at least then he wouldn't feel this bored.

He gave up on sitting there alone, and went downstairs. He got himself a peanutbutter sandwich and sat on the couch, watching the tv. He soon found this boring, nothing worth watching was on. He stared at the phone. No, he shouldn't trouble her. She'd had a long day. But what if she needed some one to talk to? She'd not wanted to trouble them any more, so was staying back at her house. He'd said all ready that he didn't want her to be on her own.

The mere thought of her sitting alone in her room, feeling defeated, tired, maybe crying, made Mikey pick up the phone. He went over to the refridgerator, her number was on a piece of paper sellotaped there. He dialled the number, his hands shaking. He found himself hopelessly awkward at even talking on the phone.

"Hey, Robyn, it's Mikey..." he managed to string a few words together.

"Hey." she sniffed. She'd been crying.

"Stupidly obvious, I know, but you don't sound very good." he muttered.

"No, I'm not really." she managed to squeak, and then started crying down the phone.
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