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Do you mind showing any marks she left?

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The police ask some questions

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"In this way" The officer gave me and odd look. My purple hair up in pigtails, wearing an MSI t-shirt, green skinny's and zebra patterned converse, it must have been scary for him. I had brought Mikey along with me. It made sense, seeing he had witnessed some of it.

We were lead into a plain room. It was the usual interview room. Off white walls, a table with 4 chairs, a tape player and a lightbulb hanging from the ceiling.

"Sit. I'm Officer Docherty and this is my colleague, PC Kamden. We would like to ask you a few questions, Kamden, can we get the tape rolling please." A young woman, looking around 25, stood up and pressed record. "The time is 10:32 am, 1st October 2011. I, Officer John Docherty and my colleauge, PC Iona Kamden are here to interview Robyn Willow Darlington about the events that have occured to her in the past year. Her friend, Michael James Way is also present." There was an awkward silence.

"When did these events start, Robyn?" Kamden smiled. I guessed it was a good cop, bad cop, seeing as Docherty had the expression of a brick on his face.

"Around when Dad and Ola got married."

"Which was when?"

"Late September"

"This year?"


Even though all of this was being saved to a computer, Kamden noted something down in her notebook. Docherty stood up. He looked angry for someone reason. "What was the first assult you experienced from Ola?"

I tried to think back. Aged 14, coming back from school. Going upstairs to my room, starting homework, Ola walking in. Asking how I was doing. Nodding to the reply. Stepping closer. Saying it wasnt good enough. Punch to the jaw.

"Is this really nessacery?" Mikey could see I was tearing up.

"Could you let the young lady answer the question?"

I took me around 5 minutes to fully explain the scenario. Knowing there would be loads more questions like this, I knew it was going to be hard.

"Was Ola acting differently before this event?", "How often would she do such things?", "Would she do things like this everytime she saw you alone?", "Why didnt you tell anyone?", "Why was your friend there when he found out?", "Where was he?"

Fumbling through these queries, I knew that there was a certain one they had left to last.

"Do you mind showing us any marks she left?"

Kamden got out a camera. She took photos off my cheek, neck, lower back, thighs, shins and ankles.

When me and Mikey left the building, we spotted Jared and Gerard waiting outside. Apparently Ray had errands to do. We all slowly walked back, not discussing what had just happened
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