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My Life Would Suck Without You

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Mikey's at Ray's house. These jokesters can't stop. The title is Kelly Clarkson

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Mikey’s POV
I left in the middle of Hazel’s crying fest.
I didn’t actually have a project, I just couldn’t be around that.
Just the thought of Gerard a while ago. Bad memories.
I sat in Ray‘s house.
"Hey frofuck."
"Not listening."
"You girly whiny bitch."
"Hey, you said it."
"Yes please."
"eww who says please?"
"I do."
"Shut the fuck up awkward knees."
"Don’t mess with the knees! Ahh fuck you I’m ordering a pizza and you can’t have any!"
I ran up to his room, he chased me up there but I slammed the door and ordered a pizza.
I came out a few minutes later.
"R-whizzle? Yo Torfro where you at?"
He came out from hiding laughing uncontrollably.
"HA! M-Mi-Mikey, You ac-actually thing you can pull off being a- a Gangster! Hahahahaha"
"Shut it. I ordered pizza for us. See I have a heart."
He finally stopped laughing.
"I know ya do Mikes, I was just foolin around."
"Let’s go put on Dawn of the Dead eh?"
"Sure. Hey woah wait. Where’d the rest of my nerds go?"
"Look on the floor, you dropped the box when you started chasing me."
Oh Ray, how stupid he is. He’s such an awesome friend. Always kidding around and joking. He was always there for me with the Gerard situation too. Always got to have the Torfro around. Got to love that guy.
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