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Addio amore mio

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There was Dan, he was hiding in the shadows and I could see a figure beside him, but I couldn’t tell who it was. He waved and had an evil smirk on his face, He pushed who ever it was with him, forward and my heart dropped. There, with tears running down her face, in old rags was my mom, she looked terrified, she was shaking, and she healed out her hand towards me and spoke.

‘I’m so sorry baby girl, so sorry, please forgive me, please’ She looked so frail. She was skin and bone. Nothing left of the women who tried so hard to raise me.

‘I forgive you mom’ my voice was shaky, Where was anyone, where did Gerard go? A loud laughed ripped through the area where we were, Dan was laughing, but it was that evil laugh, the laugh that would send shivers down your spine.

‘Say goodbye to your mommy Isabelle’ He smirked and the sound of a gun going of pierced my ears. My mom dropped to the ground face down, Blood socking her night gown, I stood frozen on the spot. My mom was just shot before my very eyes. I stood staring at my mom for a few more minutes before I looked up at Dan but he was gone, I looked around, looking for him but there was no trace of him anywhere. I ran to my mom and dropped down beside her, I put my hand over the wound, my hand getting covered in the hot liquid, I ran my shaky hand up her back and turned her over so she was leaning no me, I placed my hand on her face, Her beautiful face that use to hold so much life was now a sickly pale grey colour, He once pink lips where now a faded grey, Her eyes, Her lovely Blue eyes where black, pure black with fear and regret. Tears slowly ran down my face, I leaned forward and kissed her forehead. I heard shouting and screaming form the others. I heard running coming towards us. I leaned down and whispered in her ear.

‘Ti perdono mamma, Dormi bene, può mantenere il vostro dio sicuro anima, ci vediamo di nuovo. Ti amo..’ I felt arms wrap around me and pull me away from her. I was healed back while people rushed around, The medics comming in and trying to save her, but she was already dead. She was in gods hands now, He would keep her safe untill it was my time to join her. I felt hands on my face, being pulled to look into scared, lovely hazle ones.

‘Baby what happened? You have to tell me what happened.’ Gerards frantic voice ran out over everyone elses. I looked right at him, All i wanted todo is be healed by him, him tell me it was all a horrible nightmare. But it wasn’t.

‘She was shoot. She’s dead’ I pulled away from who ever was holding me and walked away from the scene. I had alot to do. The sad thing is, I’’d be the only one at the funeral.

Enjoy my lovelys (:
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