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This is my town

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A flashback, explaining why Frank is so disturbed

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31st October. 2006. 2 weeks before, a young Niall Darlington had been murdered at the local graveyard. It had shocked the town. Of course, everyone was still devastated that Halloween. And that Halloween was also the 11th birthday for Mr. Frank Iero. He wasn't selfish that day, no, not at all. He visited the site where the young boy had been murdered, to pay respect. The body had already been creamated, so he didn't bring flowers for a tombstone or coffin. He just stood there, head down, thinking about that awful thing.

Then he felt a tap on his shoulder, but no human being was there. The tree's branches were like arms, reaching out, but they were no breathing creature. Mr. Iero had ignored it, standing strong in the breeze. It was felt again, and again. A harder poke each time, until it burnt like fire on his skin. Pressure point. He fell to his knees. If you were watching from this point forawrd, you would have seen a young boy jerking around on the ground. An invisible spirit kicking his stomach, pulling his hair, grabbing his collar and throwing him onto the dead grass over and over, at an unhumanly fast pace. A slap across the face, blood flying from the pre-teens mouth. 'Twas repeated, this foul routine, until little Frank Iero was gasping for breath, grovelling in the dust. Blood was smeared around his mouth, and his shoulder was at an odd angle. His short legs were mangled. The only thing moving were his ears, which heard a menacing threat

"Come here again, and I will destroy you. I may be young, but this is my town"
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