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Coffee Shop Confessions

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Gerard confesses something, and we meet Tiffany

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We sat in the warm coffee shop, my face stung from the cold air outside. It was going to be a cold autumn, it seemed. Gerard sat there siping his coffee, looking much brighter than he had earlier. I'd called Ray, but he was busy, so we went alone. We'd sat there mostly in silence, but it wasn't awkward, or strange. Just comfortable. The slight smile or raising of the eyebrows seemed all the communication our tired brains needed. I came out of my litle day dream when he suddenly decided to talk.

"Robyn, I..." he sighed, tapping the table with his fingers. He stared into his cup of coffee, watching the steam swirl in the air. He didn't look at me, and then said plainly, "I think I like you but that's bad because you're dating my brother and so it's bad."

I sipped my hot chocolate quietly. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what I should say. Things with Mikey... Uh, it made me feel miserable just thinking about it. But I couldn't do that to him, could I? I sat there, trying to make words come out of my mouth and hoping for them to be the right ones. He stared at me, eyes set in an apology already. He'd had to apologise for so much that wasn't his fault. Things that weren't any one's fault. But Mikey had blamed him and punished him accordingly. It didn't seem fair. I shuffled my hand across the table and patted his left gently. He squeezed my hand in his, giving me a sad little smile before retreating his hands back across the table. I sighed.

"Hey, good to see you back to yourself." Ryan had just walked in, the nurse from the hospital. Gerard smiled politley, waving and muttering a greeting. "Mind if we sit here?" he asked, and I muttered,

"No, go ahead." Ryan smiled and took off his coat, the girl he was with sat beside me. Her wavy brown hair caught in the glow of the lights, and she yawned slightly.

"Oh, sorry... So tired. Hey, I'm Tiffany." she smiled.
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