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Hello Paranoia, Been A While

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More caffeine and more to confess

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We sat in silence for a while. The new arrivals had gotten themselves some coffee as we sipped ours. Once they had got back to the table, Tiffany was just there, looking flawless, with, Im guessed, her boyfriend, looking awkwardly into space.

It was Starbucks. One of my favourite places in the entire world. The plain cream walls, the slight chocolate aroma mixed with the delightful coffee smell, the business men and women sat in the leather armchairs. Just the general atmosphere made me feel happy. But this time, the sense of awkwardness overpowered that sensation. Finally, someone broke the blank noise

"I heard Robyn was new in town too. Good to know me and Tiff aren't the only ones" Ryan chuckled

"Im not new"

Huh? I swore she was. I had never seen her before

"I used to go to the other school, opposite side of the estate" She looked at me, seeing I was confused. "And I hardly ever went out either. Probably hadn't spotted me before. And my hair was blonde" She gestured to her large purple locks.

"Oh" Us boys at the table echoed eachother.

A couple more uncomfortable convosations and 5 more 'To go' coffee's for me passed and we now knew that fresh couple lived an our street. Wow, that was 7 of us that were aquaintences now.

"Gerard. A word. Outside" Robyn twitched as she ordered. The caffeine had had quite an effect on her, but I soon found out that it had an a lot worse one on my. I nearly fell over once I stood up, my knees were shaking like crazy. Maybe it was nerves...

"Look, um, I need advice here. I think I like you back but I still like Mikey and...I don't know" She looked down the the gravel ground

Holy. Crud. Nobody had ever said they liked me before. This was a milestone. But, dang, this was probably one of the worst situations ever. But maybe she was lying. Trying to get me to make a fool of myself. That didn't make sense though, she was a friend. Hello, paranoia. Been a while, hiding in the shadows of my mind, waiting for the perfect time.Maybe it was all in my mind. A dream. I might have got a concussion when I hit my head. What scared me most, was that I didn't feel sorry for Mikey at all. His girlfriend fancied his brother. If that happened to me, I would have probably curled up in a ball and died. But yet I had no pity for him.

The excitement, the doubt and the loss of emotion for my sibling all piled on top of eachother were probably the reasons why I just couldnt speak....or it could have been the caffeine


"I---Uh---Nee--to-" I was faffing around with my hands like crazy. Goddamn it brain.

"We should go home"
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