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Drunk with no gigs

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Robyn and Gerard get closer, but he and his brother grow further apart

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Myself and Gerard excused ourselves, it was getting late and I needed to get home.

"Hey, I work at the new tattoo place down on Urie Street, come down and see us if you ever want anything done." Tiff smiled, rolling up her sleeve to reveal a heavy amount of tatts snaking around her arms. Gerard laughed, and said

"Ha, no worries, you wouldn't catch me dead, I can't handle needles."

"We better get outta here too, I guess. Ry has work tomorrow." Ryan stuck his tongue out at her.

"Killjoy." he teased.

"You love it." she smirked.

"'Cause we're emo." Ryan laughed, rolling his eyes, following her out into the dark street, waving goodbye.

Myself and Gerard walked down the street quietly, staring up at the stars.

"Sorry for being the shittiest friend on the planet. It just seems to come naturally." he sighed. I frowned.

"Stop, just stop apoloigising for everything. It's not your fault, it never was. Shit happens, I guess." My hands started to shake from the cold. He became very quiet, staring at the pavement as he walked. "Sorry, I didn't mean to pick you apart."

"Now you're doing it."

"Oh, shut up." I laughed, smacking at his shoulder. He smiled as we started to near our street. The lights were on in his house, but none in mine. My dad pretty much just slept in the house and paid the bills, but apart from that, I may as well have lived on my own now. The house looked cold and empty. Gerard saw my uneasy stare at the empty house, and gently asked,

"Do you want to come back to ours until your dad gets home?" I nodded, but then had second thoughts.

"What about Mikey?"

"He's usually out with Ray on a Friday night. They go around all the bars in town looking for gigs. Not a single one yet, but they keep tryin'." We walked up the path to the Way house, and I stopped for a second, feeling something cold on my face. I looked up at the sky, it wasn't raining. Gerard had heard my footsteps halt. He turned, and smiled.

"Aha, it's a snowflake." Using his sleeve, he wiped the melted remians of the delicate snowflake away. They started to drift from the sky, they caught and shimmered brilliantly on his bright red hair. He laughed as a flake landed on my nose, and my eyes crossed as I tried to see it. The front door slammed open, startling the both of us. Mikey stood there, quite obviously drunk. My heart sank. He glared at Gerard, and then seemed to descend into angry crying. Ray ran after him as he came towards us, shouting and swearing at Gerard.

"Ray, take him inside, I'll take her home." Gerard said deadly seriously. Mikey came swinging at him, and hit his shoulder hard enough to knock him into me. Both me and Gerard fell backwards, hitting the ground hard. Ray grabbed Mikey, trying to hold him back. Mikey looked a mess, you could tell just by looking that he hadn't been right since the night of the party. He wriggled away from Ray, grabbing Gerad by his jacket and punching him hard in the face. Blood started to pour from his nose, and Mikey was dragged away by ray again. I was afraid. Actually frightened of my own boyfriend and what he'd done to himself. I did the only thing I could, it was for his own good. Reaching into my pocket, I took out my phone and called the police, telling them quickly the address, and then helping Gerard up off the ground. We scrambled into the house, locking the door behind us. We stood in the hall, breathing hard, the sinking feeling of fear in our hearts. He sank to the floor, exhausted, his legs just giving up. He lay there, on the floor in the hallway, tears falling down his face. I didn't say say a thing. I lay next to him on the floor, kissing him on the cheek as some form of apology, and I just gave up, crying too.
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