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Robyn betrays Mikey

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I woke up unaware where I was. Somebody's bedroom. The matress was soft, but the sheets were a mess. All worn with holes in. A very flat pillow lay at my feet. I must have turned around in my sleep, or just got in the wrong way. My eyes scanned the rest of the surroundings. Blood red walls...flashbacks to last night. Shaking my head, I countinued to asses the room. Anime posters and clothes scattering the grey carpet. But old band shirts and skinny jeans weren't the only things on the floor. Robyn appeared to have crashed on the carpet. This was her room. I knew if she woke up it would have seemed dodgy, but I just looked at her. She seemed so pale, ghost like. It didn't really look like she was breathing. Wisps of lilac were swept across her delicate face, and mascarra ran down her cheeks.

'Saints protect her now
Come angels of the lord
Come angels of unknown'

I pratically whispered my new melody so not to awaken her, but it didn't look like it worked. The second I finished the last note, a small smile spread across her mouth.

"You have a beautiful voice"


"Sing it again"

So I did, my eyes closed to save embarressment. When they opened again, I found her sitting next to me on the bed.

"Are you going to use that for your band?"

"Not sure. Im not completley set on that one yet. Maybe second album" I chuckled nervously. My hair fell over my face as my shoulder bobbed up and down. Before I could flick it away myself, Robyn did so, her hand staying placed behind my ear. I blinked quickly and suddenly she was a whole lot closer. Maybe she was one of those angel things from Doctor Who. No, she was far more stunning than a stone statue. This time, her eyelids dropped. Mine followed once I knew what was about to happen.
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