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caution: enter if you dare

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Aj and izzi have always though of Halloween as one big joke. And they are in for a trick... Or a treat.

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this is the Halloween story you guys auditioned for. Hope you guys like
and and rate and review it.

Normal p.o.v.

Aj de Lucas.and izzi getto were the bestest of friends. They did absolutly everything together. Best friends since there mothers were in pregnancy class together. Even they were different.
Aj was dark and cynical. Also very over-emotional. He had shaggy black hair that he would hide behind. His black attire, most of the time his black skinny jeans and his ghostface tshirt. But tonight he was Edward Cullen. He had sparkles all over his body and was wearing a black suit and tie with his black converse.
Izzi was the tough one of the two. She was very protective over Aj and would do anything for him. She rarely got scared. Maybe it was because when she got lost in a haunted house none other than Freddie Kruger, Ghostface, and other horror sensations like Carrie White Hung out with her and helped her find her parents. But there was one thing she was scared of. And that was thedrugs that almost killed her. Izzi used to have a drug.addiction. But that was then and this is now. She was Bella Swan tonight. She had a mignight skin tight blue dress on with one blue converse on and a cast on the other.
The teenagers weren't going out. They just decided it would be funny to dress as the vampire/human couple they hated with a Passion. And who cares if they were in 12th grade. They were going trick or treating.
"I'm cold." Izzi complained. Her jet black hair blowing in her face. Aj grinned and took off his jacket putting it over her shoulders.
"better?" Aj asked looking down at her. She smiled and kissed his cheek.
"Thank you love." Izzi smiled. Aj smiled and turned to look down at his hyped off of sugar best friend. Practically his sister. They had their bags full of.candy and had izzi's bra packed with candy as well.
"Give me a butterfinger..." Aj said holding his hand out. Izzi giggled and grabbed on out of.her bra handing the precious candy bar to her friend. They walked down the street giggling and skipping along. Aj belting out 'knives and pens' with izzi singing the guitar part. It was a sight to see. Until it started down pouring. They ran to the closest house giggling and the door opened... Inviting them in?

Gerard's p.o.v.

I sat on the window sill in my room watching the kids trick or treating. Some stopping to look at our house but running away shortly after. Rumor is that our house is full of the unread. Truth is, that rumor is 100% correct. You see me and my friends were 100% dead. Immortals. Let me explain, it started with me and my younger brother Mikey. I died in the garden of Eden after I was srangled by the snake. I was turned into something I never wanted to be. I was the Grim Reaper. I went around collecting people's souls for the afterlife. My main job was to tell them they were dead. And where they were going to be sent. Heaven or hell. I was so lost without Mikey that I became selfish and turned him into the first Fallen Angel. Then came Frankie my best friend. Frankie got hit by a truck. I found him and decided he was too much of a beauty to go to waste. That was when the Frankenstein monster was created. And Ray my old friend became a shapeshifter. Matthew a shadow collecter. Someone has to take your shadow when you die.. Ryan and Brendan became the first vampires. Leslie and Ryan both weredogs. But soon they all grew weary of a life without love so I created love interests for them. Kristi Rian a fire demon in love with Brendan. Onyx Rose a vampire in love with my little brother. Shadow Ivy Ross a love with her boy Ryan Ross. Emily Toye a ghost in love with a certian shadow collector. Frankie Corleone a demon for my own Frankenstein. And I was.on the search for.someone for Ray, Leslie, Ryan, and myself. Even though there was someone who thought he had me. Bert McCracken. Better known amount humans as hades. Head of the underworld.
"Hey Gee. Come downstairs and hang with us." Emily smiled. I smiled back and skipped downstairs where everyone else was. That's when I sensed the presence of something. I felt like love was on its way to find me. I grabbed a mug of coffee and walkedover to the window walking out. Two teenagers were running towards our house. I dropped my mug and gasped. Everyone turned to me as I started to slowly grin.
"Put on a smile gang. Looks like this year we've got company..."

That was chapter one. Hope you enjoyed. The I still need your top three boyfriend/girlfriend choices if you haven't told me and I need a girlfriend for ray.........
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