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Chapter 1

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Frank just wants to get away, how far will he go? Gerard is different, he doesn't know what to do.

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Yes, I know it's short, but this is kinda just an introduction, the next chapters will be longer, so uh yeah, please read it and tell me what you think?

Frank’s POV

There was something incredibly alluring about the night, this silent simplicity. During the day, everyone was always so busy; they rushed around, not caring about anything but their own lives. The darkness of night brought a certain… peacefulness. People relaxed in their homes, laughed with their families, ate a warm diner, slept in a comfortable bed. Well, at least that’s how most people spent their night. Night time was my chance to get away, away from the constant bullying of the homophobic jocks at school, away from an abusive father and a mother who was too drunk to care.

I sighed as I walked further down the deserted moonlit pathway that ran along the dark, glistening river. It looked so deep, deep enough to drown in? I wondered, or the woods, were they dark enough to get lost in? Never to return? No, I hated my life, but it had to get better… didn’t it? No, I did not want to die, yet I was not sure if I wanted to live. I pulled out the gleaming, metallic razor blade that I carried with me at all times, this was the only thing about my life that I controlled anymore, I gasped as the sharp razor sliced deep into my pale skin, spilling the deep red, sticky, thick liquid across my pale flesh, the contrast was startling, even in the pale moonlight, it was oddly… beautiful. I stared into the forest as I tried to wipe away some of my blood; small creatures ran through the undergrowth, safer now that all the humans, with their cruelty and greed were gone.

As I stared into the dark, deep forest, I noticed something, something that was strangely out of place in the forest, yet seemed to belong there , fear sent chills up my spine as I stared into the dark forest, right into the shining eyes of something not quite human looking back into my own wide eyes, it seemed to stare straight through me, into my soul. I ran.

Hey guys, I know I've been kinda ignoring the other stories for a while, but this idea has been bugging me for a while, I'll try and update my other stories and shizz, should I keep going with this or just give up?
-Sarah xx
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