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Chapter 2

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I am nothing, just a shadow within a shadow

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Gerard’s POV

Bright city light twinkled and shined across the dark river. When had all this happened? Last time I was here the only lighting on the streets came from the hissing oil lanterns that had to be hand lit and never lasted long, and that was only on the main street, but then again, I couldn’t remember how long ago that was, years slipped by unnoticed, when you separated yourself from the world, it was easy to lose track of your surroundings. Should I take that step? Out of the safety of the forest and out into this modern world, this world of metal and bright lights.

The smell of blood snapped me out of my thoughts, I had fed quite recently, but this person’s blood… this person’s blood was different, just the smell of it had my mouth watering. A short boy, about seventeen or eighteen, hissed as his eyes rolled back, was it in pain or pleasure? A small moan escaped his delicate lips as he pressed against his self-inflicted wound, attempting to stop the flow of the delicious red liquid that contrasted beautifully with his soft, pale skin. I could feel my fangs begin to grow and press lightly against my bottom lip. This boy was beautiful, but he was so young, sure, physically, he was the same age as I, I was trapped in this body, never aging, never changing, while the rest of the world grew and changed, I stayed the same, watching, wanting, wishing I could join it, but no, how could I hide what I was? How could I hide the fact that even as others grew old and died, I always stayed the same, forever youthful, forever unchanging, forever alone. I hated it.

The blood stained boy stopped walking once he was barely a meter away from me. His eyes widened as he saw me. Fuck. His breath quickened, I could hear his heart slamming in his chest, his lips parted slightly in shock. He was the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. I took a small step towards him, but not big enough to come out of the shadows of the forest. The boy let out a small squeak of terror, he ran. I followed.

The boy sprinted through what seemed to be familiar streets to him, checking over his shoulder every few meters to see if I was following him, I ducked in and out of shadows, hiding from the beautiful boys darting eyes. He stopped outside a rundown, old looking house, a grim expression on his face, he shook his head quickly and kept running down the street to another small house. He knocked frantically on the door until a girl of about the same age as the boy opened the door, bleary eyed and confused.

“I-I need somewhere to stay tonight,” he stammered, “D-Dad h-hit me again and when I ran a-away… I saw something in the forest!”
“Of course you can stay here Frank!” said the girl as she pulled the boy, Frank, into a tight, comforting hug.
I watched this from the shadows, wanting to be the one holding him, comforting him, telling him everything would be fine. But I couldn’t, I was part of the reason he was so scared.

I couldn’t stand this anymore, I wanted to be more than just a shadow within a shadow, I wanted to have a life! I would not hide away from the world anymore, I would be happy, I would have Frank. I would do whatever it took to make him mine. Whatever the cost. He would be mine.

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