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Chapter 3

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Gerard’s POV

The girl that took Frank in… she looked familiar, but how was that possible? I had not come out of that forest in over a hundred years, the only humans I had seen were bush walkers, and well, let’s just say that they never made it out of the forest. Her skin was too pale to be natural, her eyes too bright, she smiled in the same way I did… always covering her teeth… She was a Vampire! That’s why she was familiar! But what was her name? Where had I seen her before?

Sweet music filled the crowded hall, Ladies giggled as they were twirled around by their suitors. One young lady and her suitor stood out to me more than the rest. She laughed as my brother twirled her around in the circle of his arms, her long, blood red dress swirling around her feet.
I felt lonely as I watched my brother and his lover dance together. I had never gotten the concept of romance like my brother had, he always found it so easy, I however, was awkward when it came to the matters of love, and apart from that, I had no interest in women and I had yet to find a man who was like me. No man would admit to being a homosexual though, for their confession would most likely lead to their death.
“I love you Elizabeth,” my brother whispered into her ear.
“I love you too Michael,” she giggled, “I never want this night to end.”
“Why can this night not end? We have an eternity together my dear,” he said as he brought his lips to her neck, kissing her lightly.

That was the night. The night I cut myself off from the world. I had not seen my brother or his lover since, I hadn’t told him that I was leaving, what did he think of my disappearance? Did he look for me? Did he think I had been killed? I didn’t think of how this could affect others when I cut myself off from them, where was my brother? Was he still with Elizabeth? Was he with her? Or was he still in London? I had to find out.

I climbed into a large tree and waited for the sun to rise, so that I could see that beautiful boy again, and my only possible connection to my brother.


“Come on Frankie! Time to go!” yelled a familiar voice. Michael? Could it really be him? Three laughing figures burst out the door. Elizabeth and my brother walked hand in hand as they laughed and chatted with Frank.

I followed the laughing group all the way to a large group of buildings, it looked horrible, a place of misery and suffering. The sign above the gate read Belleview High School.

What the hell was a high school? When I was human we had private tutors, and those who couldn’t afford that, just didn’t get an education, that was that, there was none of these ‘high schools’ where there seemed to be hundreds of children who in my day would have been hard at work, not laughing with friends, or attending this ‘high school’, what was this?

I decided that I had to ask one of my own kind… but I couldn’t go to my brother, who knew how he would react? I mean I completely abandoned him when I left, but Elizabeth… she had always been more understanding.

I followed them silently, getting odd looks from the humans of this school, as was understandable, I was wearing the same clothes as those I had been wearing one hundred years ago, and although I had washed them regularly and taken good care of them, they were still extremely worn and out-dated, and my hair, although it had been brushed regularly, had not been cut very often and was hanging down past my shoulders.

I gasped in shock when a young lady walked past me. What was she wearing?! A small shirt that clung everywhere and a tiny little skirt that left little to the imagination! What happened to the long flowing dresses that covered a woman from her neck to her feet? It was inappropriate to show one’s ankles, this young lady was showing far more than that! Not even one of the ladies of the night (What they used to call prostitutes) would show so much skin in a public place! And there! A girl wearing trousers? That was clothing for men! Not women! They should be wearing long dresses! What was happening?!

I waited until Elizabeth parted ways with the Frank and Michael before swiftly grabbing her by the arm and pulling her into a small empty room.

“Elizabeth!” I said.
“How do you know my real name?!” she hissed, she obviously didn’t remember who I was.
“I-I-uh…” I stammered, not knowing what to say.
“Gerard?” she asked.
I nodded.
“How could you?” she asked, tears brimming at her eyes.
She slapped me.

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