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Best. Birthday. Ever! (Continued)

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I got Gerard Way as a present?!

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Frank’s POV

That was the best birthday ever! I mean I got Gerard Way as a birthday present?! I thought once I woke up to find that Gee and I had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. Just seeing him lying there naked, still covered in our cum, it turned me on more than I thought was possible. I could feel my naked member beginning to become hard again. I smirked as I saw that his own cock was perfectly within reach of my hand, that would be a nice way to wake him up.

I brushed my fingertips against the tip and of his dick stroked it gently, he moaned slightly, but didn’t wake up, I slowly moved my hand up and down his hardening dick, but he still didn’t wake up. His dick was fully hard now and his arm had slipped from around my waist. I took my hand away from his erection and moved my body down so that my face was in line with his crotch and ran my tongue over the tip before swallowing it down into my mouth, taking his erection all the way to the back of my throat. He moaned loudly as his eyes shot open. That woke him up.

“Fuh-Frankie?” he asked, but it came out as more of a moan.
“Gee,” I said around his dick.
“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” he laughed. I took that as encouragement and began to suck harder, hollowing my cheeks and flicking my tongue around his cock.
“Uh! Oh god Frankie! Hands and knees baby,” he groaned. I smirked as I obeyed and got on all fours in front of him and wiggled my ass a little. Gerard got onto his knees in front of me and stuck his fingers in my mouth, I moaned around his fingers as I sucked hard on them I whimpered in need when he pulled his fingers out of my mouth. He smirked as he bent over me, leaving his hardened crotch directly in front of my face. I licked up and down his erection, swirling my tongue around the tip before swallowing it down excruciatingly slowly. He groaned as he pressed his saliva covered fingers against the tight entrance of my ass. He pressed lightly, teasing me by running his fingers around my hole until I was going insane with lust, moaning around his dick, bobbing my head up and down and sucking harder than I ever had, practically begging him to finger me.

He pushed a single finger in slowly, wiggling it around a little before pushing in another. I moan as he scissored his fingers inside my ass then introduced a third finger and stopped moving them.
“You little whore,” he moaned as I grinded my ass up on his fingers, desperately trying to get them deep enough to hit my prostate. I whimpered when he pulled his fingers out, but he quickly replaced them with something else… The dildo that I had used on him the night before. I gasped as he slowly pushed the dildo into my tight ass, slightly stretching the muscles. I moaned again around his dick, sending vibrations up his length.

“Ooh! Frankie! So fucking hot babe!” he moaned as he started softly thrusting into my mouth and pushed the dildo further into my ass, hitting the bundle of nerves there. He pulled his cock out of my mouth when I screamed in pleasure.
“Puh-please Gee! Fuck me?” I begged, it was my turn to be submissive, but I gotta say, Gerard was so sexy when he dominated me.

“Hmm, soon sugar, lemme’ do something first,” he chuckled as he flipped me over onto my back and lowered his head down to my crotch. I was confused when I didn’t feel his mouth on my cock. I looked down at an extremely sexy, evilly giggling Gerard, but that’s not what caught my attention. The cock ring. The one I had used on him last night… he was putting it on me!
“Your turn baby,” he giggled as he fastened the shiny metal ring around my erection.
“Aaaww Gee!” I whined. It was so tight!
“Nuh-uh sugar, you did it to me,” he giggled as he brought his lips down to my cock and kissed the tip.
I didn’t want to let him see how much I wanted him, I wouldn’t let him know how much I wanted him inside of me, not until he took the ring off me. I wouldn’t moan. I wouldn’t moan. I wouldn’t moan. Oh god, he licked up and down my shaft and swirled his soft tongue around the sensitive tip. No! I couldn’t moan!
“Playing hard to get sugar? You ain’t fooling anyone,” he giggled. Fuck. He swallowed my cock down, inch by inch until it was completely buried in his warm, wet mouth, the tip pressing against the back of his throat. It felt amazing. I couldn’t moan! I couldn’t moan! I couldn’t moan!

I failed…

“Oh god Gee!” I screamed as I tried to buck my hips up into his hot mouth, but he pressed down on my hips, forcing me to just lie there and take whatever he gave me.
He giggled around my shaft and mumbled what seemed to be “I won,”
“Oh god oh god oh god Gee! Baby I’m gonna-“ I screamed before I tried to cum, but was cut off by the cock ring attached to my throbbing member.
“Puh-please Gee, baby, juh-just l-let me cum?” I begged.
“Nuh-uh, I’m having far too much fun with you right now sugar” he giggled as he took his mouth away from my cock.

I gasped as he pressed the dildo to my entrance, not hard enough to give any pleasure, but enough to tease me, it was driving me insane with lust, and Gerard knew it.
“Hmm you little slut, you’re loving this aren’t you?” he asked with a smirk, I nodded my head eagerly.
“You want this inside you, don’t you?” I nodded again.
“You’re a little slut, a whore… my little whore,” he laughed as he moved the dildo away from my entrance and grabbed a packet of flavoured lube.
“Mmm strawberry, my favourite!” he giggled as he rubbed a generous amount over my puckered hole, “you’re gonna love this sugar.”
I gasped as he flipped me over onto my stomach and brought his face down to my ass. His soft tongue lapped over my ass, licking at my lube covered hole, occasionally darting in and out. I didn’t know this could feel so good. I could feel that familiar ward sensation building up in my stomach again.
“P-p-please Gee! Take the ring off!” I screamed as I tried and failed to cum yet again.
He just started humming while licking my anus, sending vibrations up my spine. I didn’t think I could take it anymore.

“Geeee,” I moaned, “Please! Just do it!”
“Do what baby?” he asked cheekily.
“Fuck me!” I begged.
“How badly do you want it?” he asked, flipping me over.
“So so badly!” I groaned as I bucked my hips up into thin air, trying to get some relief for my throbbing cock.
“Not good enough, I know you can do better,”
“I want you so bad it hurts Gee! I need you inside of me!” I pleaded.
“What do you want me to do?” he asked again.
“Fuck me!” I begged, “hard!”
“Hmm I love it when you talk like that baby,” he moaned as he pushed his hard cock into me.

Having Gerard’s dick inside me sent me into another failed orgasm; I hated this fucking cock ring!
“You like that baby?” he panted as he thrust hard into me.
“Uh-huh!” I gasped as I nodded.
“You my little slut?” he asked.
“Yes! Oh god Gee! Right there! Uh! So fucking hot!” I screamed as he hit my prostate dead on.
“Fuh-Frankie! I-I think I’m gonna-“ he started before he came hard into me, but I was still stopped from cuming by the fucking cock ring.

“Geeee,” I whined as he bucked into me, riding out his orgasm, “Please let me cum!”
He chuckled as he brought his lips down to my erection, which was now red and weeping. He quickly took off the cock ring and swallowed my dick down as I shot my load down his throat, cuming harder than I ever had before. Gerard moaned around my dick as he swallowed rope after rope of my cum then smiled up at me.

“I love you sugar,” he whispered.
“Love you too GeeGee,” I replied with a smile.


Mikey’s POV

Gerard and Frank walked back onto the bus hand in hand the next morning with massive idiotic grins plastered across their faces.
“Good birthday Frankie?” asked Bob with a smirk.
“Best. Birthday. Ever!” screamed Frank.
I didn’t even want to know.

Hiya guys! how'd you like it? I know it's not very good, but oh well, it's the best I could do, so anyways, please R&R and all that shizz :) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. also, if you have an idea for a Frerard that you want me to write I'll take suggestions :)
-Sarah xx
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