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My F@!*ed Up Romance

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This is one I wrote ages ago, so it's not as... well dirty as the others.

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Hey all you dirty minded freaks who are reading this! haha (I can't talk... I write it!) but anyways, I wrote this ages ago, so it's not quite as dirty as the others... this is up on this site, but I thought I should put it on this "so uh yeah, this was my first ever attempt at writing smut!

Gerard's POV

Screaming. Shouting. Sweating. Jumping. Singing. This is what I live for, I thought as I looked out over the frenzied crowd, this is what makes my life worth living. Well... that and... him, I looked over at the beautiful man standing on the stage with me, the sweet angel who put his all into everything he did. No, I thought, I can’t get distracted now, we got a show to do, and besides... that part of our lives was over. He had moved on, and I was left behind, stuck in the past.

“I wanna see more movement in here!” I screamed at the crowd, smiling at their adoring faces, almost forgetting my longing for Frank... almost, “get up...” I whispered into the microphone, “get up, GET UP AN GO!” The crowd screamed even louder when we started to play Planetary (Go!) I looked over at Frank. A beautiful smile lit up his angelic face, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, my mind drifted back to the many times I’d felt that tongue on mine, sliding through my mouth, running down my neck, over my chest, down past my belt...

“Gee!” Mikey hissed in my ear, snapping my mind back to the present. I started to sing. Frank was laughing at me as he played. I felt the blood rush to my face, making me blush furiously, but I continued singing, not wanting to stuff up again. I heard a girl scream something about Frerard, that girl seemed to have read my mind. A huge grin lit up Frank’s face and all of a sudden, he ran over towards Ray, and whispered something in his ear. Ray grinned and nodded as Frank put down his guitar. What was he doing?! He walked slowly over to me, stopping once he was standing right in front of me with a devilish grin playing over his soft lips.

“Let’s give them what they want,” he said into my ear, “what I want.”

I felt a shiver run down my spine. I had to be dreaming... didn’t I? We had stopped this, we were both happily married to our loving wives! I mean sure, I still wanted him... hell, I still loved him! B-but what about my Lindsey? Jamia? My daughter!? Wait... what did he say about him wanting it?!

Despite my doubts I nodded quickly and continued singing. “You’re unbelievable,” He ran his hands over my chest, “Uuuh so unbelievable, uuh” he lowered himself onto his knees in front of me, “You ruin everything oh you better go home,” my breathing got heavier. He took the microphone from my shaking hands and began to sing, still on his knees.

“I’m unbelievable,” he got up, “Yeah! I’m undefeatable,” he turned around and began to grind his perfect little ass up against the hard bulge in my pants, I moaned loudly as I grabbed him by the hips and started to grind back against him, the crowd went nuts for this, but at the moment, I didn’t really care, I was lost in my lust for the man who was grinding his ass against me, “Let’s ruin everything blast it to the back row!” he gave me back the microphone and ran back to his guitar. The little tease!

All I wanted to do was fix the problem rapidly forming in my pants, or preferably, have Frank fix it for me. To my disappointment, we finished the song with no more little... incidents. I was hoping he would come over again as my boner was becoming rather uncomfortable because of the tightness of my jeans.

We went through two more songs and Frank had stayed where he was, but he kept throwing cheeky, seductive glances at me. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I decided that it was time for me to make a move. During Ray’s guitar solo I ran towards Frank, jumping on top of him, bringing us both crashing down to the ground. I smashed my lips to his as he pushed his guitar away from us. I was expecting him to push me off, to say that he didn’t want this anymore, but I was shocked when he started kissing me back, just as passionately. It was then that I realised that I was lying in between his legs, I pulled my lips away from his and smiled down at him, he looked up at me with a hungry look in his eyes. I began to rub my hardened crotch against his and was shocked to find that he was just as hard as me. He closed his eyes, groaning as he bucked his hips up to meet mine. I hooked my fingers through his belt loops pulling myself even closer to him. The crowd was screaming with excitement, Shit! I realised that we were still onstage! I reluctantly pushed myself off him and walked back to where I had left the microphone.

“About time,” laughed Mikey.

“Oh shut up Mikey Mouse!” I snapped at him, still smiling from what had happened with Frank.

“Make me Gee-tard!” he shot back. I laughed as I turned back to the crowd.

“You liked that huh?” I asked them. I was met with enthusiastic screams.

“Well I sure as fucking hell did!” yelled Frank as he winked at me. I felt my heart race. I just wanted to finish this show so we could be alone together and...

I stopped my mind from going any further; otherwise I may have pushed him to the ground and fucked him right then and there.

We finished up the show after a few more songs. I tried to ignore my throbbing erection, but it was pretty hard... (Bad joke)
[*Frank’s POV

Oh god oh god oh god! It’s actually happening! I’d dreamt of this ever since we decided to stop it. I wanted Gee so badly and now I actually had a chance! We practically ran offstage once the show was over.

But what if he didn’t actually feel the same? What if that was all just a stage show? He walked over to me, with a nervous grin on his beautiful face.

“Gee,” I sighed as he got closer, preparing for the rejection I was sure would soon come. All of a sudden there were hands on my chest, pushing me up against the wall, lips on mine and a warm, wet tongue licking my bottom lip, practically begging for entrance, which I denied. I moved my hands around his back so that I could cup his tight ass. He moaned into my mouth, I took the opportunity to quickly slide my tongue into his warm mouth. His soft hands ran down my body, and begun to undo the pink belt that held my skinny jeans in place.

I moaned as his tongue ran down my now bare chest, and to my pants. He smirked up at me as he took the zip to my jeans in-between his perfect teeth and pulled it down slowly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I began to thrust my boxer clad crotch into him.

“Frankie!” he laughed, “Wait until I’ve got these down before you do that!” He pulled my tented boxers down in one rough, quick motion. I closed my eyes as his hot mouth wrapped around my throbbing cock. His hands went around me and cupped my ass. I laced my hands through his hair, pushing my length deeper into his mouth. He hummed around my dick, sending vibrations up my length.

“Uh! Oh god Gee...” I groaned as I began to thrust my hips into his head, matching the rhythm of his bobbing head, “Uh... so... so close!”

My breathing got heavier as I felt a familiar warmth in the pit of my stomach. Before I knew it, I was exploding down his throat. He smirked up at me as he swallowed and licked a little of the white creamy liquid from hip beautiful, swollen, cherry red lips.

“Frankie?” he asked as he got up off his knees.

“Y-yeah?” I gasped, still trying to re-gain my breath.

“Can I... uhh,” he started.

“Can you what Gee?” I asked with a smile, “you can do anything you want to me.”

“I wanna fuck you senseless babe,” he growled in my ear. My breath hitched in my throat.

“Then hurry the fuck up!” I yelled as I pulled him into a small closet.


Gerard’s POV

I started out excruciatingly slowly, not wanting to hurt him, I didn’t know how long it had been since Frank had been with a man. After I first pushed into him, I just sat there for a moment, letting him get used to the feeling of me inside him. He let out a filthy moan as he moved up against me, pushing me further inside of him. I took that as encouragement and started to move slowly in and out of him.

“P-please Gee! Harder!” he begged me. Oh god! He’s just so fucking sexy! I began to increase the pace of my hips.

“Uh uh uh uh!” panted Frank from under me as I thrust even harder into him. Our breathing became laboured; a light film of sweat covered our glistening, hot, naked bodies.

“You like that?” I growled.

“Uh huh!” he gasped as he nodded eagerly; he wrapped his own hand around his now hard (Again) cock and started pumping his hand in time with my thrusts.

“You want it harder?” I asked with a devilish smirk.

He bobbed his head up and down quickly. He looked like such a whore, lying under me, practically begging me to fuck him harder. I loved it.

The small closet was filled with dirty groans, gasps and moans as we both bucked our hips hard. I looked down at his beautiful face which was now contorted in pleasure as he came all over our stomachs. After seeing this I exploded inside of him as I screamed his name.

I pulled out of him and we both collapsed onto the cool floor in a panting heap.
Once we finally regained our breath, we got changed and I pushed the door of the closet open slowly.


Mikey and Ray were both sitting on the floor outside the closet, smirking at us.

“Uuuhh... how long have you guys been there?” asked Frank as his face went bright pink. Mikey and Ray burst into laughter.

“Oh Frankie!” moaned Mikey, imitating me.

“Oh Gee! Fuck me harder!” laughed Ray. I felt my face heat up and turn red.

“Hey Ray?” laughed Mikey.

“Yeah?” asked Ray.

“I just realized something funny!” said Mikey.

“And that is?” asked Ray with a giggle.

“They just came out of the closet! Literally!” Mikey said as he burst into laughter.
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