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Chapter 18 The Game (Not the One You Just Lost)

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And the Explanations continue...

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Frankie's P.O.V.
I'm on top of Edward, repeatedly plunging my fist into his flesh. He's a vampire though. I hardly do any damage, I only really was able to accomplish knocking him over, and he's not putting up any resistance.
Suddenly I'm pulled off Ed, by Mikey. "we need to talk to him before we kill him. Besides, I don't now if Gee could handle his death. Again." Mikey whispers. I clench my teeth and nod as Edward slowly stands up. He's still wearing his dark glasses, I didn't even knock those off.
"Ed...I'm glad you're not dead." Gee says. My eyes widen. Gee's not going to leave me, is he?
"Why thank you, Gee sweetie." Edward smiles.
"I would prefer you not call me that." Gee says. Score for me!
Edward looks at me, disdain filling his features. "Oh, come on baby. You can do better than that...thing, and you know it." He says.
"Don't talk about Frankie like that." Gee says defensively.
"Ooooo, does he mean that much? Should we play a game? Like we used to?" Edward asks.
"Ed, no. Not here, not with them." Gee says sternly.
"What games, Gee?" Mikey asks softly.
"Gee never told you about my little games?" Edward asks. Mikey shakes his head.
"Tut tut! Gee, you should have told your brother about the lovely times we had." Edward shakes his head.
"Lovely times you had." Gee mutters.
"What is he talking about, Gee?" I ask.
"My game was quite simple, you see. It was too see how much I could hurt Gee without destroying him. Gee never really was destroyed, though. Crushed and hurt, but he was never destroyed. Out of all my toys, Gee was the most fun. How was this round, pumpkin?" Edward asks. What a horrible man.
"You haven't won. You never will. I don't need you anymore." Gee says. Edward chuckles.
"Have I lost then? Have I lost to that...vermin?" Edward points at me.
"The only vermin here is you." Gee says calmly.
"Oh dear. it seems I've lost my best toy." Edward sighs.
"Yes. Yes, you have. YOu can't just walk back into my life and expect everything to be the same as before...How did you get in the house, by the way?" Gee asks. I was a bit curious myself.
"I picked the lock. You know I'm good at shit like that. I thought a quiet entrance would be most dramatic. I think it was." Ed says, pleased with himself.
"What is it with you people and disregarding doors..." Gerard mutters.
"Ah. The Council has a thing against doors. I don't know why, though." Edward explains.
Mikey sighs. "Ed, why are you here?"
"Well, I was sent by the Council."
"Yes, but why?" Mikey persists.
"To convince Gee to come back with me."
"He won't." Mikey says wearily.
"Won't he?" Edward says, taking off his glasses.
"Gee!" Mikey yells, but it's too late, I guess. Gee's staring into Edward's eyes. His eyes are...well, wow. HIs eyes are electric blue with white running through them rimmed in a stormy gray.
Edward and Gee are locked in eye contact, and Gee's eyes soon glaze over.
"What's going on?" I ask Mikey, who looks angry and despairing t once.
"he's brainwashing Gee through the future of music." That makes little sense, but okay.
"WHY DON'T WE STOP HIM???" I exclaim.
"It'll cause brain damage." Mikey says, exasperated. I get an idea.
"Hey, do you have a guitar I can borrow?" I ask Mikey. He looks confused.
"Um...yeah. Why?" He asks.
I shake my head. "Could you go get it? Like, really quickly?" I ask. He nods, disappears for a second then re appears with an acoustic guitar.
"Thanks." I say, siting down in a chair, guitar on my lap. I start to pluck the strings, and soon I'm playing a song I wrote about Gee before the whole vampire thing. And the whole We're In Love thing. I start singing, too.
"I can't believe the way
You seem to differ
From day to day
First hate,
Curiosity and fear
You're not as empty
As you'd have me believe." I start, and I begin to make up new verses.
"You took me away
Saved me a chair
On the path off death" I continue, and Gee's eyes start to go back to normal. I can feel something start to unfurl in my chest. Something powerful and foreign.
"Maybe I've said it before,
But I can never mean it more.
Who you are only makes me love you more
And I love you, yes I do." I'm crying now. I want my Gee back. I play the last few notes, and then a burst of pure undiluted power runs happily through my veins. I look over at Gee and Edward. Edward is not moving anymore, his body flopped unmoving on the floor.
Gee blinks. "Oh God...Is he dead?"
"I...don't know." I admit. Mikey walks over and pokes Edward.
"I think he is...dead." Mikey says, then grins. "He was a bastard at the end."
I laugh, and Gee chuckles a bit.
"I think you have Gee's ability." Mikey says to me.
"Except with the guitar, not my voice." smile.
"Edward's really dead." Gee says.
"I'm sorry Gee. I had to do something." I say. He did love Edward, after all. Gee smiles at me.
"It's okay. He never loved me, not really. And after being with you, I realize I didn't love him either." He smiles at me. I stand up, putting the guitar in the chair I was just sitting in. Gerard fucking Way loves me. He LOVES me. And I love him.
I run into his chest, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him into a tight hug. He laughs a little, hugging me back. I pull back a little, and he seems disappointed until I bring my lips to his in a heart exploding kiss.
"oh, I'll um, leave you two to your 'ability' love fest." Mikey says awkwardly. I reluctantly break the kiss with Gerard.
"But ou have an ability too." I say. he does.
"What are you talking about?" He asks.
"You have the exact DNA as your brother here. You have an ability. I think you can copy Gerard as an ability." I explain.
"I can't sing like Gee." Mikey protests.
"Don't you feel a surge of power when you play the bass?" I ask.
"I...Uh, yeah. So?It's not like people drop dead." Mikey argues.
"But you're not in love." I say.
"We'll have to change that, aye?" he asks. I laugh.
"Let it come when it does. But we'll be here." I chuckle, and pull Gerard back into another kiss.

Hello. I just did ten jumping jacks to get hyper to write this authors note. It mostly made me tired, but as they say, there once was a man from nantucket... Anyway. I will probably not post for a while. I think there might only be one more chapter, I'll tell you in the next chapter! (You know you love me) Onwards! I will be focusing on my other stories mostly, because this by itself is almost a decent ending. It was a finale! Well, I think if we have a sequel it will be Miey falling in love, or Frerard falling apart or oh! They could take down the council! We'll see what happens! R&R before I put your heart in a bag (or a box) and throw it in a lake. I live in the 'land of a thousand lakes'. You'd never find it, so you should R&R. AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE R&R-ED, I COULDN'T HAVE DONE THIS WITHOUT YOU.
Love, Althea.
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