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Chapter 19 It's time to move on

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Yellow Taxi

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Gerard's P.O.V.
"Frankie, are you ready?" I ask.
"Yeah..." He says, tears sparkling in his beautiful eyes.
"Frankie, in a few years, we will come back. Right now I don't think us being here is safe for the people you love." I say, slinging one of his bags into the taxi's trunk.
"I know..." Frankie says, slowly placing Mikey's guitar in the trunk.
"Don't worry. We'll be back. I promise." I say, squeezing his shoulder.
"Of course." I say, pecking his lips.
He smiles. "Thank you, Gee?"
"What fabulous thing have I done this time?" I joke.
"You gave me a second chance at life. You let me be around you, you decided to love me." He says.
"I didn't decide on that. It just happened." I say, winking at him.
"Well, thank you." he says.
"I would do it all again." I smile.
"C'mon, guys!" Mikey yells from within the cab.
Frankie and I chuckle, and we join Mikey in the backseat.
"So...Where are we going?" Frankie asks.
"Minnesota. I hear Ray and Bob are there." Mikey says.
"Like, uber religious Canadian accent Minnesota?" Frankie asks.
Mikey and I laugh. "That's mostly a myth. In the city where we're going to,a t least. They actually poke fun at the sterio-type often." I explain.
"Ah." He says.
"Yup. Say goodbye to the chapter of your life that just ended." Mikey laughs.

That's it. THE END OF THIS STORY!!! I have some ideas for a sequel, but I'm going to focus on my other stories then maybe come back. How does that sound?(I don't really care what you say, it's what I'm doing. You can read my other stories while you wait, they WILL/ARE quite amusing. One of them is just a normal, waycest/frerard one, the other a future-istic Frerard in which a resistance is starting! Love you, thank you so much for sticking with me. Someday, I promise, I'll write an author's note longer than the section of writing XD.
Althea Searlind
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