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Just so you know

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Okay, y'all. You can expect the sequel in the next couple of weeks. I'll post the link here when it's up-I promise. I have some ideas, and I've written out an epilogue. Never fear, the series will have a sequel, a bit more with Mikey, but FRERARD WILL STILL EXIST! I think a bit of it will be Frerard, because I am a Frerard/ waycest writer, generally speaking. I'm branching out! I gotta go- I'm in computer class. I'll hopefully see u in the (not as good as the origional) sequel. ;D
here it is, die bitch K, so I tied to link it over 9000 times, but it didn't work. It's called They Will Not Control Us. Yeah, die.
"Your text to link...":
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