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The slow steady rocking of the large ship made Lothlorien's stomach turn. Gripping her stomach she curled into a tight ball in the corner of her cage and waited for them to reach land, peering through her long bangs at the rest of the slaves, being unable to hold their eyes, she tucked her head in between her knees and waited for to sleep to claim her.

"Wake up!...WAKE UP BITCH."
Lothlorien hissed as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, glaring up at the fool to dared to wake her from such a peaceful slumber. Her cage door was opened now, and a man in lose fitting jeans, a white t-shirt with a whip in hand glared down at her. Spitting at his feet she crawled her way out of the steel cage and stood up. Clenching her hand into a fist she threw a punch, hitting him square in the jaw. "Screw you"
The man stumbled back slightly dazed that a slave had actually [i]hit[/i] him. Once the confusion was erased from his face and replaced with anger, Lothlorien knew she was in deep shit. Strong hands gripped her shoulders and threw her to the floor of the ship, forcing her on her knees Lothlorien's shirt was stripped from her back and the whip was brought down on her pale flesh.
crack crack crack

Each time the whip was brought down on her tender skin Lothlorien let out a short cry of pain and a tear rolled down her cheek, nails digging into the hardwood floor she curled up in a bloody mess once her punishment was complete.
The man walked over and kicked her in the ribs. "Get up witch, you're new master is expecting you, Wouldn't want to keep him waiting"


Alex hummed contently as he flipped the page of his book. Tilting his head as he heard the faint roar of a rusty old truck engine, he stood up and slipped out into the grand hallway of his huge mansion. Smoothly walking down the rug covered stairs he opened the large oak doors before the visitor could even knock.


Alex looked down at the short bald man, he had greedy cat-like yellow eyes and a cheap purple looking suit.

"We Have you're... order Sir, would you like us to bring her in?"

Alex raised a brow for a moment before remembering that his new slave was due today. "Yes, please bring her in"
Lothlorien blinked and rubbed her eyes as the back of the truck was opened up, sunlight blinding her for a moment as she was dragged out from her cage and forced to stand on the hot driveway, Blowing her bangs out of her eyes as she peered up at her new home. "Lovely... the snotty rich kind"She grunted as her 'slave driver' pushed her to start walking.
She was taken up white tiled steps and shoved through perfectly carved oak doors. Blinking again as the lighting changed she looked around, the room she was currently in was rather large. It had ivory colored tiles with blood red rugs, the walls too were ivory, while the furniture which looked to be leather and expensive was black. A fireplace crackled on the left side of the room and a Tall man had his back to them.

"Here she is" The man in the purple suit grunted, pushing Lothlorien a few steps forward.

"You're money is on the table" was all the tall man said, soon they were alone in the large room.
Only when the soft 'bang' of the large wooden doors did Alex turn around to look at his new 'prize'.
His eyes travels over her body, scanning her from head to toe.
"Tell me child, what is you're name?"


"Ah. Lothlorien. Follow me and i'll get you some.. cleaner clothes and show you were you'll be sleeping" Alex said, sipping his glass of thick rich liquid.

Lothlorien just followed boredly, running her fingers through her thick black and green ringlets. She almost bumped into Alex as he suddenly came to a quick stop. She peeked around him as he opened to more large wooden doors that led to a rather cozy looking room, with a large king sized bed covered in what looked to be red silk sheets, a dresser on one side, a sofa, desk and closet.
Alex led her towards the closet and opened the door. "Pick anything that catches you're eye.. i have matters to attend to so feel free to explore. Just be down in the dinning hall at 6, sharp" He said before disappearing down the hallway.

Lothlorien was rather stunned at her new 'masters' actions. Normally they abused her instantly, left her in a bloody sniffling mess for a few hours before returning again. But this one had dumped her in her own room, with a closet full of clothes and permission to explore the house for half an hour. This was certainly interesting.

After picking out a Black top that was tight are her bust but fell down in frills around her waist and some jeans that for once didn't make her butt too big. She didn't even glance at shoes, she rather enjoyed walking around bare foot. Poking her head out of the room she glanced around before taking a left down the hall towards the Music room.

The music room itself had to be the most impressive room in the whole house, the walls were all different colored chunks of glass with glass doors. She pushed them open and gaped openly at all the instruments around her. The one thing that really caught her attention was the large piano in the center of the room. Sucking in a shaky breath she carefully walked towards it, running her fingers gently over the keys she closed her eyes as the pleasant feeling she always got when touching a piano crept up her spine.
Jumping slightly when the large grandfather clock charmed an abnormal tune Lothlorien glanced at the time. "Shit, its Six already" she was half tempted to just stay here and play out the past years emotions but thought better of it and quickly scampered off to the Dinning room.

Alex brought his wine glass, filled to the top with blood and a hint of vodka to his lips and sipped lightly before setting it down and tapping his nails on the table. "Shes late.. I'll have to-" Before he could finish speaking to himself, Lothlorien scuttled into the room and quickly sat across from him, breathing rather hard.

"s-Sorry"She gasped. "Got, lost"

Alex let out a soft chuckle as he watched her intently. "Yes, its rather easy to get lost in here isn't it? But you'll soon learn you're surrounding I'm sure. Now, what would you like for dinner?"

Lothlorien was once again stunned by the handsome mans actions. None of her masters had ever offered her dinner.... much less gave her the choice of what she'd like it eat.
The rest of the meal was one of the best she'd had in many many months. Maybe years. But the whole time, Alex watched her silently with red eyes, which she never noticed since Lothlorien was never an observant girl while eating.


Lothlorien yawned stiffly as she stumbled her way to up stairs, trying to remember where Alex said the room she'd be staying in was. After five more minutes of looking she found it, closing the doors silently behind her she stared in awe at the large comfy looking bed before her. Stripping down to her underwear she crawled under the silk blankets and almost melted. It had been many nights since she last slept in a bed. Never mind a bed with silk sheets. Letting her heavy eyelids flutter shut she didn't notice when the door quietly creaked open and shut again. Nuzzling her face into the soft pillow she became completely relaxed and fell asleep.

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