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Lothlorien's eyes gently fluttered open, she went to rub the sleep from her eyes- wait. She couldn't move her arms.
Blinking rapidly to try and see clearly she found that she was no longer in the silk bed she'd fallen asleep in. Cold angry steal dug into her wrists and ankles, she was chained to the wall, her body slightly hanging a few feet off the ground, jerking slightly to try and free herself, she found such a task impossible as the steal cut through her skin. Trying to relax her self she remembered yesterday, but was slightly confused, this master seemed different...
Lothlorien's grass green eyes narrowed into tiny slits when she found there was another person in the room. Master.

Alex couldn't help but allow the amused smile play across his lips as he watched Lothlorein struggle slightly, sipping his wine glass of blood, he savored the taste. Fresh was always the best, but his new pets blood had a slightly odd taste to it. The taste of a challenge.
No matter, there was no challenge he couldn't take head on. He would break her, and he'd enjoy every second.

Lothlorien stopped struggling and hung limply from her chains, she noted that someone had put a rather large t-shirt over her body, it was almost like a dress. Lifting her head she glared at Alex still, waiting for him to abuse her like so many others. Well she wouldn't be so god damn easy, she'd bite,kick,scream whatever it took to make every second as close to hell as possible for this man. But he never even touched her, just watched her, and slowly sipped his glass of.. whatever was in there every so often. The silence and well... lack of abuse actually frightened her more the anything.

"Why am i chained up?"She asked in a cold voice after what seemed like years of endless silence.

"Respect might get you somewhere. You are chained up because yesterday i felt like being Nice. Don't expect it to happen often because it doesn't."

Lothlorien's lip curled again. "So what? your just gunna let me hang here forever?" She hissed, showing not a spec of respect towards the man. The thought suddenly struck her that she didn't even know his name.... Shrugging it off and telling herself she didn't give a damn what the hell his name was. When she got out of these goddamnsonofabitch chains he was a dead man.

Alex chuckled softly, he had to hand it to this one. She had spirt. But not for long.
"Not forever, you're kind doesn't seem to last very long"He mused before standing up and walking towards his chained up pet. When he tilted his head to the side, she looked like a dog. An Angry bitch chained up, about to be broken.
Relaxing one hand, his pointer finger nail grew out about an extra 4 inches, and sharper. Firmly pressing the 'claw' to her wrist he sliced it open. Putting his wine glass up to her bleeding flesh he let the cup fill up about half way before leaning in and licking the wound closed. Not wanting his new pet dying on him too quickly, after all, he hadn't even started the fun stuff yet.

Lothloriens eyes widened into large black orbs, as she watched Alex slice open her wrist and fill up his wine glass half way, stiffening as his tongue ran over the gash he had created. Her brain didn't know how to take such... things in, so it shut down for a few moments, making her hang completely limp in the chains, before her body jerked once. She raised her head just in time to watch him sip his glass of blood. Her blood.
"What the fuck are you?!? Blood drinking horny old monkey!" She stiffened and tried to move away when Alex's hand shot out and gripped her chin roughly. She found she couldn't move her head at all now.

Alex looked down at Lothlorien. "You have a nice, smart mouth girl, i wouldn't want to have to rip it out of you're skull"He said coldly before setting down his glass, and with his other hand forced Lothloriens Mouth open, keeping it open with one hand, he picked up his glass before dumping a little of Lothloriens own blood into her open mouth. "Have a taste of you're own soul my dear"He said, the corners of his mouth twitching up into a terrifying smirk as he cackled.
He didn't let her mouth go until he was sure she'd swallowed, grinning he let her head fall, but what surprised him was when she didn't try to spit the taste of blood from her mouth, even though she'd swallowed it, he knew the taste would remain in her mouth for hours until he allowed her to drink. but she only hung there looking defeated.


Lothlorien only looked up hours later when Alex dropped a small plate of food at her feet, a poor looking chicken leg,water and some old bread. She tensed as he removed the chains from her ankles ands wrists so she dropped to the floor. Slowly getting up she clenched her hands and stared down at the food before glaring up at Alex. She swung an uppercut punch, but her aim was slightly off and she punched his cheek. Not taking time to think she threw another punch at his gut. She went for a third but in the blink of an eye, her body was screaming in pain as she was slammed into the stone wall. After a few seconds she felt herself being lifted slightly, Alex had grabbed a fistful of hair and was lifting her to his eye level.

Alex growled inhumanly at Lothlorien as he glared down at her. "Do.Not.Test.Me"He spat before forcing his way to her neck and ripping into her throat painfully, enjoying the musical sounds of her painful blood curling screams. After he was sure her voice box might burst from being abused so much by her shrieks, all too soon he let her crumble into a trembling heap on the floor, not even bothering to heal her this time. So it'd be a lesson to her, he turned on his heel and walked out of her little stone 'cell'

Lothlorien tried to crawl but slumped back down to the floor, gasping for air she curled up into a tight ball and allowed her eyelids to flutter closed, with one last thought.
'i hope i don't wake up'

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