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I Love You, But You Don't Love Me Back [8]

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This whole chapter is in Mikey's POV. Mikey sits down with Gerard, and they have a talk.

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Mikey's POV

I knew I was just a rebound. Taylor didn't really love me, like I loved her. No, she loved my brother, whom she calls her 'best-friend, who's also been a complete ass to her. Gerard was bullshitting her again. I know it. I mean like, who tells a girl, that he really likes her, when he has a girlfriend whom he says he has no feelings for and still won't break up with her and then kisses said girl who he admits to have feelings for, that is not said girlfriend?

I'm slowly beginning to think Gerard is starting to play Taylor. And I couldn't let that happen. Even through, I'm mad at her, I don't want to see her get hurt. She knows Gerard has changed a lot, because of Lindsey,I am confused on why she still likes him? Yeah, they're supposed to be 'best-friends' but Gee sure hasn't been acting like one to her for at least a month now, since he started dating Lindsey.

Why is Gerard doing this to her? Is Lindsey telling him to do this to her? What was going on? I needed to know... I don't want Taylor getting hurt by Gerard or Lindsey. Lindsey has been trying to hurt her ever since she met Taylor, and she's slowly starting to get to her...I couldn't let her win.

Lindsey had to go somewhere for the week, thank god, so Gerard was stuck here at home until she gets back. I had to have a talk with him. Brother to Brother.

I walked downstairs and saw that Gerard was in the living room,drawing something. I frowned and walked over. ''Gerard,bro. We need to talk.''

He stopped doing what he was drawing and looked up. ''Sure, what is it?''

I sat down beside him. ''Why are you doing this to Taylor?''

He froze for a minute or two, but then shook it off. ''I don't know, what you are talking about.'' He mumbled, and going back to his drawing. I rolled my eyes.

''Bullshit Gerard. You need to stop messing around with her.''

''You make it sound like, I'm sleeping with her.'' He muttered.

''Sorry, I meant why are you playing around with her? You tell her you're going to break up with Lindsey, and then the next day you claim you never told her that. Like what the fuck? And then a few days later, you kiss her and tell her you have feelings for her!''

Gerard didn't say anything, so I continued on.

''What you're doing needs to stop,bro. Taylor is your best-friend. You shouldn't be doing this to her. You need to break up with Lindsey''

He slammed the pencil he was using on the table and looked up at me agitated. ''I know, alright? I just can't right now. Just stop telling me to break up with her.''

''Why can't you?''

''I don't want or have to tell you.Because frankly, it's none of your god damn business.'' He snarled and looked back down at his drawing. I looked down at it to. He was drawing... not Lindsey, but Taylor. My eyes widen and I looked back at his face.

''You still like Taylor.'' I whispered. ''I knew it.''

''Yeah, so what if I do? I fucked up. She'd never forgive me.'' He whispered as he looked down at his lap. ''Lindsey is ruining me, man.''

''Yeah,obviously.'' I scoffed,rolling my eyes. ''You need to stop letting Lindsey control you bro, did she tell you to dye your hair red? I was meaning to ask you about that,but I never got around to it, until now.''

He nodded. ''Yes, and I fucking hate it. I look like a freak.''

''Taylor thinks your hair had a period or something. I don't know.'' I laughed silently. My older brother smiled a little, but it quickly disappeared.

''I'm sorry. It's my fault you guys broke up. I never knew you liked Taylor,Mikes.'' He whispered,staring at his hands.

I sighed and bit my lip. ''I always liked her. I mean, I had a crush on her since I was five.'' I chuckled to myself. Gerard looked at me. ''Why didn't you tell her?''

''Because I knew you liked her and that she liked you back... I didn't want to mess up your guys chances of being a couple...''

''Wait, hold up a sec, did you just said she liked me back?''

I nod. ''Yeah.. and still does... I don't know why... since you've been a jackass lately... the girl is crazy.'' I looked back down at his drawing of Tay. ''You need to go talk to her,break up with Lindsey first... she's ruining your relationship with Tay. You need to go fix it.''

''Yeah, I should... but isn't she mad at me since I ruined your relationship?''

''I don't know. She probably is. It's been a few days, maybe she calmed down a bit.. just go see.'' I looked back at my brother.

''You're right.'' Gerard said, standing up. I smiled slightly at him. ''Good luck...'' I whispered. He smiled at me before grabbing his jacket and running out the door. I sighed and sat back, running a hand over my face. I hope Gerard doesn't fuck this up..again.
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