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Populace of two, All I see Is you

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In a land far...far.. away there lives a prince and a servant girl, she never had a chance with him...never with him.

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I hide in the shadows watching him. The prince, or formally known as Gerard Way. The guy that is almost too perfect for any girl in this town. He converses with many of them, perhaps scouting for a bride. But from what I know, he's not set on marriage, but his father is. If he doesn't find a suitable bride by the end of the month, it'll be arranged. I can't stand the thought of losing any hope that I had on winning him over.

But lets face it, he probably doesn't even remember who I am, we've never really held conversation. Only once, but that day will be held in my memory for years to come…

---flashback----------------I was just 11 years old when we met. Mikey, my best friend, and Gerard's brother. Had invited be to his home. We went straight to playing hide and seek, but I had never been there before so when it was my turn to 'seek' I had no clue where Mikey could be in the 3 story castle. I ended up walking all the way to level three and getting seriously lost. I wandered down hallways that all looked the same. I looked in each room, most of them were the same, extra rooms for parties. But some, like the art room, were much more elaborate with golden floors and antique furniture. I walked in there, somewhat drawn to the paintings that covered the walls. I must've spent 10 minutes, just looking at one. But it was darker than the others, it had a man and a woman with determined, yet sullen, faces. They were covered in crimson blood, which was the only color other than white and black in the painting, and stood out. I absolutely loved it. (a/n-three cheers.. anyone?)

I was so infatuated with the painting that I didn't notice someone else was in the room, till they cleared their throat. I spun around, terrified that I wasn't supposed to be here.

A boy was standing in the shadows of an easel, holding a paintbrush, I couldn't make out his face, though.

"Who are you?" The boy questioned, he sounded like he was around my age.

"I-I'm Mi- I m-mean Prince Mikey's friend, sir," I stuttered.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Harmony," I spoke softly.

The boy set his paintbrush down, "That's a pretty name, Harmony, why are you in here and not with Mikey?"

I couldn't help but notice he didn't say prince Mikey. Maybe he was part of the family.

I looked down and fiddled with my dress uncomfortably, I didn't like being asked so many questions. "We were playing hide and seek and I found this pretty room. I couldn't help but admire the paintings."

"I can tell you admire that one more than the others," The boy stepped out of the shadows and walked to my side, I held back a gasp noticing immediately who it was. I curtsied and spoke fast, "I'm so sorry I did not realize it was you, dear prince. Please forgive me."

The black haired, hazel eyed boy, smiled, "That's quite alright, now can you please tell me why you love this painting so much?"

I gulped, I was talking to my crush, "Well," I cleared my throat. "it's darker than the others, the colors are beautifully used, and you can make a million scenarios just from this one picture." We both turned and studied the picture.

"And what's one scenario that comes to your mind?"

I took a moment to think, "The girl, maybe she's dying. And the boy, he can't do anything to save her and he hates that he's so helpless. They love each other so much that if one died the other would soon follow. They share a last kiss that is so painful. An angel would cry at the scene. The collision is just enough to break their hearts, and they just….die." I shared the first scenario that popped in my head, and was surprised at how creative it was. I never went to school, but my parents did teach me all they could. I guess I learned a lot from them.

Gerard smiled, "I like that, this is my favorite too."

We stood in silence for a moment before I broke it, "Who made it?"

"Me," My eyes widened, he was my age and he could paint better than the elders that sold their work in town.

"HARMONY I WANNA PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME!" Mikey whined while walking in. He stopped at the doorway, surprised to see me with his brother.

"You know my brother?" He asked.

"We just met," I answered. Gerard walked back to his easel. Mikey, took my hand and led me down the flights of stairs. I dragged behind, kind of mad that he had ruined our moment. ------end of flashback----------------

That was the last time I had spoken to Gerard. Mikey knows I like him, but he's a good friend and doesn't push the subject. I'm thankful for that, it would just make everything harder. I mean, I'm stalking his brother from the shadows, how can I get any lower than I am now? I lean against the walls, pulling my legs up under my chin. He turns around and I swear he sees me, I freeze. But another girl comes up behind him and sort of demands his attention. I let out a slow breath. Why was I even here? This ball was for him and it was the first time I had ever been to a royal ball. All the girls in the village were invited, but I was still surprised that someone as poor as me was allowed amongst all these wealthy.

I stand up with one last look at the 'Gerard fan club' they were all beautiful with dresses made of velvet and golden jewelry. I just had on the cleanest dress I could find, which was a plain blue with my mother's embroidered designs. I made my way through the crowds till I saw a familiar face. Mikey, he was talking to a pretty, petite girl, I didn't want to ruin his night because he also had to find a girl soon. I just hoped he wouldn't end up with someone terrible. But I was also sort of worried too, would this new girl replace me? He was all I had to call a friend besides for my father. They were the only two people important in my life. If I lost Mikey I would probably die a lonely servant, with no friends, just all alone.

I found myself over-thinking the situation as I strolled out of the castle. I didn't belong there, I never had a chance with Gerard anyways.
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