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Harmony's world gets even more complicated....

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"Well,well. May I ask what a pretty lady's doing all alone, outside, in the cold?" I spun around, startled by the sound of someone just behind me. I didn't recognize the man, but I could definitely tell he was rich, his purple and gold velvet coat proved that much. I curtsied respectfully.

"Just leaving sir, thank you for your concern, but I best be getting home," I smiled.

"Yeah this party is quite dull. May I accompany you? It isn't one for me to leave a lady all alone without an escort," I smiled, flattered by the stranger. I obviously wasn't used to the attention.

"As you wish," I nodded. He jumped off the stone porch and stood in front of me.

"Excuse me for not properly introducing myself. I'm Sir Frank Anthony Iero. I am one of the many King's knights "

"Pleasure. I'm Harmony Désirée Lonero."

The man, Frank, held my hand to his lips and gently kissed it. I immediately turned my gaze to the ground, a blush was already creeping up my cheekbones.

"That is a beautiful name, Harm-" The door behind us opened revealing a shadowed figure. And out of those shadows stepped Prince Gerard.

"Hey Frankie! I was just wondering where you'd gone off to.." Gerard came right up to us, I thought I would puke out the chaotic butterflies in my stomach.

"Hey Gerard! I was just taking a stroll when I noticed this beautiful lady and I was just about to escort her home." Frank told Gerard. The prince looked at me. He freaking looked at me!

"You don't wish to stay Harmony? I thought Mikey would choose you for a bride, since you're all he talks about." He knew my name….He knew MY name!

"I can assure you, we are just friends," I smiled, trying to sound as if I wasn't freaking out.

"So you don't think you would have a chance with me, then?" I almost choked on thin air. How was I supposed to answer that?

"Now, now, Gerard. The lady wishes to leave. Can't she do that without being bombarded with questions?" Sir Frank (thankfully) cut in. I let out a silent sigh. I really didn't want to leave now, when I finally had a chance to talk to Gerard.

"Fine, but may I come? I'm tired of all these girls talking on and on about their dresses." Gerard asked Frank and I. I was fine with it and after a second Frank finally gave in. I walked in between the two as we walked towards my father's farm which was quite nerve-wracking. These two gorgeous men were escorting me home, it was almost too good to be true. Frank started to make small talk with Gerard, I just silently listened.

"Any girl take your interest?" Sir Frank started.

"No, they're all the same to me. All of them are after the same things and have the same things on their minds. Wealth." Prince Gerard answered, letting out his frustrations by kicking at the loose rocks in the graveled road.

"You can't assume ALL of them want your money." Frank reasoned.

"I've talked to all of them and they practically told me that's all they wanted. Is that just what every girl in this godforsaken world wants?" Gerard stated.

"I don't know. Is that what you want Harmony?" Frank asked me.

"Uhh…" My mouth went dry. "I um….no."

"No? Then what is it exactly you want from a man?" Frank asked, curiously.

"I'm the kind of girl… who would only marry a man she loves, not for his money……, but for who he is as a person," I answered truthfully.

The guys looked at each other with a mixture of curiosity and amazement, as if it was impossible for a girl to love.

"Love is something I've only read of in children's stories, I've never actually seen a couple that were not married for each other's money." Frank spoke.

"I think it's possible" I smiled to myself. I suddenly stopped walking when I saw people taking things from my house and putting them in a wagon. I ran up the dirt path and to the first man I saw.

"Excuse me, but why are you taking things from my home?" I asked him. He set the chair he was carrying in the wagon and turned to me.

"Are you the daughter of a Mr. John Lonero?" I nodded in response. "Then you must not have heard, your father had a heart attack while working in the fields….he didn't make it…. and since you've been in debt, we are taking your things under the King's orders. Including your house and everything in it." I fell to my knees, sobbing in despair. My father… home. Where was I supposed to go? I didn't want to end up like my mother, who, when she was my age, was forced into prostitution because she had no where else to turn. I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I looked up to see it was Gerard.

"Come on, you're staying with us. I'm sure Mikey would not appreciate it if we left you out here all night. And the castle's so big, my father wouldn't even notice your presence." He spoke kindly.

I sniffed and scrubbed at my eyes, making the tears smudge my cheeks. My father was dead, I was going to be hiding out in the Way's castle, and I had just lost my home and all my belongings. In one night, my life just went from okay to horrible. The only good thing was that I would get to speak to Gerard, Frank, and Mikey more. I just missed my daddy a whole lot..
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