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Harmony gets settled into a new home and a new life.

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After my ordeal, the two guys took me back to the castle. We got in through a secret door away from the party and it led to stairs, which led to a molding wooden door.

The Prince knocked on it and a worn looking man with poofy hair opened it. His face instantly changed to a smile when he saw the two men. I hid behind them shyly until they stepped inside the room. The man noticed me and bowed politely, then he closed the door behind me.

"Gerard….Frankie…Who's this?" He pointed to me. I snickered, watching his hair bounce as he moved.

"Her name's Harmony. She's your new roommate, I hope you don't mind, Ray. Her father passed away leaving her nothing and she had no wear else to go. So I told her she could stay here," Gerard spoke.

Ray nodded his head, "I could use the extra help. Is she any good?" I looked up in confusion, of course I knew I would have to provide some reason to be here, in this case by working, but I thought I would just have to clean. I didn't have any skills besides that and cooking, girls of my standards weren't expected to learn much else.

"I don't know. Are you any good at painting or drawing Harmony?" Gerard asked, looking at me. My heart stopped and I couldn't seem to remember how to breath.

"I've never drew or painted anything before, so I wouldn't know," I answered truthfully.

"Here I've got some things you can use," Ray pulled out a sketchpad and a piece of charcoal. He gave it to me and I stared blankly at the paper.

"What should I draw?" I asked nervously, I wasn't good under this sort of pressure.

"Um, oh! I know, draw Gerard. You need to be good sketching people. So maybe I can help you improve by seeing your skills. Gerard, sit still for her," Ray stood back with Frankie so I could have a clear view of Gerard.

I tested out the charcoal on the back of the paper before flipping it back over. I looked up into Gerard's eyes for a quick second before studying the rest of his face. Being free to stare at him was so foreign to me. Up close, he was still angelic. I worked on a simple outline before shading in parts I felt needed to be shaded. I ended up with a pretty nice picture for a first timer.

Ray took the sketch out of my hands and quickly looked it over, looking back and forth from Gerard to the drawing. He ended up with a big smile on his face.

"You're good. I think this job will suit you nicely," Ray spoke. I smiled back, relieved that I had enough talent to stay.

Gerard and Frankie looked at the drawing too, each of them complimented it. After, they had to get back to the party, and I was left with Ray. He showed me my half of the room and told me that if anyone asks who I am, to just say I'm the assistant artist. I guess my job was to draw for the queen, she apparently loved art and was always thinking of new things she'd want to add to her gallery. She just lacked the artistic talent to do so herself. So we do it for her.

The night went on and Ray showed me a few techniques for painting because I wasn't as good at that as I was with sketching. As it got late, we agreed to leave the painting to Ray, for now. I jumped into the cushioned bed, it was so nice compared to my old one.

"Ray why do we have such nice beds?" I asked curiously.

"We're a higher rank than the servants so we get the old beds that even higher ranks had." He explained from his bed. I nodded understandingly, even though I knew he couldn't see me do so in the dark.

"Goodnight Harmony, the party should be wrapping up soon so it'll be quite for the rest of the night," Ray blew out the only source of light, leaving us with only moonlight for comfort. Luckily, the window was on my side of the room.

"Goodnight Ray," I sighed. My father would be so proud of me, seeing how strong I was being. I just wished someone could comfort me because I think I was slowly losing it behind this smile.
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