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The Evacuation

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Sorry to everyone who read this in the first place. I had to sleep. I'm human, right? Or am I?

Frank P.O.V.

'SHITSHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT' I screamed. Mum had broken the news of the evacuation. I knew it would happen anyway. History lessons come in handy sometimes, even when the teachers a bitch. I decided to pack to take my mind off things. Skinny jeans, band tees, CDs and iPod and wash kit was all I needed but I still had no hope of dragging my guitar along. I guessed begging was the only option.

I silently climbed downstairs and opened the door to the kitchen, where mum was making dinner.
'Mum?' I said as innocently and child-like as possible.
'What do you want? I'll have a guess... Dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.'
'No mum. I want to bring my guitar when I get evacuated.'
'I guess so. It'd be a waste of money if the house got bombed and you didn't, considering we're pretty low on the stuff already.'

I rushed back up the stairs and packed my guitar in it's case, throwing next to the suitcase. I thought for a second, took my guitar out of it's case and stared playing it. I sometimes can't make up my mind. I guess I just needed to play her one last time for the next few days. I don't play Pansy when I'm sad. Just to note, the guitar is called Pansy. Ray named her. Ray wasn't being evacuated though. He's 17. I'm 16. I wished that someone I know who doesn't beat the shit out of me was coming. I'd know no-one on the train I was going on or no-one when I get there. I hoped for the best. Just to make the time pass, I tried to fall into a peaceful sleep but instead was shrouded by nightmares.
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