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A Little Bit Handsy

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"Do you forgive me for acting indecently?"

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Amber is in the city with her cousins, leaving me at home alone. Jonny calls around nine. I go over to his house to chill. Although I promised myself I wouldn’t drink I do anyway, getting drunker than I thought I would. I really shouldn’t be drinking this much. I’m technically a lightweight now due to the fact I’d laid off for so long. I’m such an idiot.

Since I’ve had a few beers I decide to leave my car at Jonny’s stumbling towards Amber’s house. I hope she’s home. I don’t know how late she was planning on staying at Gerard’s house. After climbing up the trashcans I push open the window. Amber is sitting on the bed; she smiles when she sees me.

“You’ve been drinking,” she says as I come to sit next to her.

“So have you, I can smell it on your breath Amber.”

She just smiles at me, “I’m surprised you came up.”

“I almost died twice, but it’s a good thing I’ve got mad skills like Batman,” I answer.

Amber laughs, looking down at me. She really is very beautiful. I kick off my shoes, crawling under the covers, wrapping my arms around Amber.

“So I have a question for you, Mr. Drunk Iero,” she says as she twirls my hair in her fingers.

“Yes, ma’am…what kind of question do you have for Mr. Drunk Iero?”

Amber laughs softly, a drunken giggle, “I heard something about blood and Devlin’s car.”

I snort with laughter, “Who told you that?”

“A little birdie,” Amber answers, squishing up against my chest.

“What exactly did you hear?”

“That someone covered the inside of Devlin’s car with cow’s blood and she pointed the blame on you but there was no evidence to prove it.”

I grin widely, kissing Amber before answering, “It might have been me.”

“Why’d you do that?”

“For revenge….”

Amber nods slowly, “So…”

“I was fucking pissed as hell that she got you taken away from me. So I made her pay.”

“I see.”

“Now that I think about it, it was kind of stupid. It was funny at the time, I guess.”

Amber smiles, “How much damage did you do to her car?”

“I fucked it up. She had to get all new upholstery for the inside of the car. I mean, I covered every square inch in blood. It was kind of gross. It was worth it. The bitch had it coming.”

“You did it for me?”

I run my thumb across her cheek, “No Amber, I did it for me, because she took you away from me. I didn’t like that. You got your revenge when you attacked her and left bruises on her throat. I got my revenge when I covered her car in blood.”

“Hmm… well…” Amber leans in close so that our noses are touching. “Thank you anyway…it’ll be our little secret.”

“Good plan.”

We kiss, me being a little rougher with her than normal. I blame this on the alcohol. Amber doesn’t complain. After we have been making out heavily for a few minutes I pull away, realizing I am lying between Amber’s legs, my hand on her boob.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” I say quickly, rolling off her to take my regular place by her side, my body held up with my elbow.

“It’s okay,” Amber answers.

“I didn’t even realize what I was doing. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.”

I fall over onto my back, putting my arm over my eyes, “Now I feel like such a prick.”

Amber rests her head on my chest, “You’re not a prick.”

I touch her hair with one hand and her arm with the other, “Do you forgive me for acting indecently?”

“You’re already forgiven, Frankie.”

“I want you to know that I’m not expecting that from you.”

“It’s okay,” Amber says. “Really, you’re fine…I don’t mind.”

I sigh, deciding not to push the matter any further. This is partly because I am half asleep and also because I don’t know what to say…Amber practically told me that she had no problem with me touching her that way. Either way neither of us bring it up again.

Note: Sorry it's short. I'll try and write something longer tomorrow. If you guys have plot ideas for an Amber/Frank story please send me them at or you could leave them in a comment. Also if there is another person you'd like to see with Amber let me know. I'm open to new ideas. Happy reading :)
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