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Live Like Jack and Sally

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"Merry Christmas Jack."

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Frank has to spend Christmas with his family. He comes over before he leaves to give me my gifts. Frank explains that I’m not allowed to open them until I’m at Helena’s and he’s given me permission. Although I got him something its too big to we wrapped…I’ll give it to him later tonight when we’re together again.

Once we get to my grandma’s house hugs and greeting are exchanged. My father and his girlfriend are there along with their handful of children. This means I will have to deal with Ray. He follows me around, trying to make himself seem cooler than it really is. Apparently he has a girlfriend no. I have a feeling he’s lying.

In the middle of unwrapping gifts the phone goes off.

“Amber honey, its Frank,” Helena says as she hands the phone over.

“Oh thanks,” I answer, taking the phone. “Hey, Frank.”

“Hey, snowflake,” he coos.

I laugh.

“What are you doing?”

“Just got done unwrapping the packages,” Frank answers.

“Sweet, we’re still in the middle of it.”

“I called because I’m giving you permission to open your gifts now.”

“Yay! Gerard, will you hand me Frank’s gift.

“Which ones,” Gerard, who is sitting under the tree playing Santa, asks.

“The ones with the Garfield wrapping paper,” I answer

My oldest cousin grabs the boxes, sliding them across the floor. “Thanks.”

“No problem.”

“Okay, I got them,” I inform Frank.

“Okay, open the biggest one first,” he says. There are two of them. The biggest is on the bottom. I rip the paper off of it and gasp. I can’t believe he actually got me one of these.

“A lava lamp!”

Its silver, with blue liquid and little silver bits in it.

“Oh my God, I love it. The lava is blue. This is so fu… freaking cool. Sorry grandma.”

Helena does the sign of the cross over herself.

“Thank you, Frank,” I say into the phone. “I love it.”

“I knew you would, open the next one.”

I lift the box. It is light and perfectly square…a clothes box. I pull the wrappings off and fight with the tape.

“I hate when you tape the box all up.”

Frank laughs like a smartass. After a few more seconds of struggling I finally get the last piece of the ridiculous tape off.

. “Batman jammies,” I exclaim wishing Frank was here so I could kiss him.

“I promised you Batman jammies. Now we can match.”

“Oh my God, these are so cool. I’m going to have to hide these from Gerard.”

“I’m stealing!” he says from across the room.

“You better not, asshole! Sorry grandma.”

She ignores me.

“You like the jammies?” Frank asks.

“This is the best Christmas ever.”

“I think you’re going to like the next present.”

“There’s more?”

“Yep, but you have to wait until I come over tonight.”

“I only got you one gift. It’s kind of also your late birthday present too.”

Frank laughs softly, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

“It was expensive.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything at all.”

“Well that wouldn’t be very fair, would it?”

“I’ll be happy as long as I get another kiss on the cheek.”

“I’ll give you a kiss on the lips instead.”

“Even better,” Frank says and I know that he’s smiling. I can just tell.

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

“You guys are sick,” Mikey says.

I flip him off when my grandma isn’t looking.

“I have to go,” I inform Frank. “We’re not done with presents and dinner and stuff. Walkie me as soon as you get home.”

“I definitely will. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Bye, Ambo.”

I smile, “Bye.”

I hang up the phone, going into the kitchen to hang it back up.

“Talking to your boyfriend?” Ray asks as he follows me in.

“Yeah,” I answer a little annoyed that he’s being so nosy.

“He’s not coming over again is he?”

“No, not tonight, Frank is stuck with his family.”

“That’s cool. What did he get you for Christmas?”

“A lava lamp and Batman pajamas,” I reply.

“That’s it?”

“Well there’s one more gift but he’s saving it for later.”

“That’s cool.”

“So what did your girlfriend get you?”

“A new watch but I left it at home so I wouldn’t lose it.”

Of course she did. Instead of arguing I nod, “How nice.”

I push past him and go back into the living room, plopping down between Gerard and Mikey.

Later on, after we’ve eaten more cookies than we should have and our eyes can hardly stay open we go leave. More hugs are exchanged. Once home a couple ‘Merry Christmas’ are said before we all head up to our rooms. I put all my gifts away, plugging in my lava lamp and put on my Batman pajamas before climbing into bed.

“Frankie, are you home?” I ask over the walkie

. There is a moment’s silence, “Got in thirty minutes ago.”

“Are you coming over?”

“Yeah, my mom said it’s cool if I spend the night.”

“Awesome,” I answer.

“Just give me a minute and I’ll be right there.”


I put the walkie back down and stare at my lava lamp. The light is on but the lava hadn’t started moving. The lava is still motionless as Frank crawls in through the window. He is wearing his Batman jammies too, along with a Jack Skellington baseball cap. He looks fucking hot. I smile at him as he comes over and kisses me.

“This hat looks so hot on you,” I mumble once he pulls away.

“What if I wear it like Jonny?” he says as he pulls it sideways slightly.

“Still hot,” I answer.

He smiles and kisses me again, “Got something for you,”

I clap, “Yay!”

“Close your eyes.”

I do as he says. Frank gets off the bed. A few moments later I hear my CD player start to play. All I hear is a guitar. It takes me a moment to realize what it is. This is Creep by Radiohead. It’s acoustic and raw, Frank’s voice ringing out nice and loud. I smile and open my eyes. Once again he is sitting in front of me.

“Is this what I think it is?”

He nods, “It is every song I ever sang to you on the walkie. Well, the meaningful ones anyway. This way you will have them forever.”

“You’re the most amazing gift giver I’ve ever met.”

Frank smiles, “This was by far the easiest yet most special gift I’ve ever given anyone.”

“It’s amazing.”

I reach out and kiss him. He lays me down, hovering over me so we can kiss deeper. We listen to the whole CD like this. Not always kiss though. Sometimes we just lie there and hug. Frank plays with my hair and I just breathe in the scent of his hoodie. All my favorites are on the CD…Morrissey’s Let Me Kiss You, Bright Eyes’ This is the First Day of My Life, Incubus’ I Miss You. It is amazing in every sense of the word.

“Thank you,” I whisper as the CD ends.

Frank kisses my head, “You’re welcome.”

“Now it’s my turn.”


Frank sits up and I climb off the bed to get his gift. I rest on my knee and pull the case out from under the bed. It is a guitar case with a big red bow tied around it. I pull it out and Frank looks at it for a minute.

“Amber, you got me a guitar?”

I nod and look up at him, “I put it on layaway after Thanksgiving. I’ve been shoveling driveways while you’re at school to pay for it. I didn’t have enough but Donna loaned me the extra money I needed so I could have it in time. It’s used and it needs new strings and one of the knobs needs to be soldered, but otherwise it’s in perfect condition. I saw it and I knew it had to be yours.”

Frank smiles, “That’s amazing, Amber.”

“You haven’t seen it yet. Open it.”

Frank leans down to unsnap the hook, opening the lid and staring at the thing for a while. I hope it’s alright.

“Is this a Zack Wilde guitar?”

“Possibly,” I answer with a cheeky smile.

“How much did this thing cost you,” Frank asks, still looking at his new guitar.

“Not nearly as much as you think, I swear. I got it from the pawn shop. It’s a little scratched but the paint is pretty decent.”

The guitar has black and white swirls…like a bull’s eye or a hypnosis swirl. Frank pulls it out of the case and sets it on his lap.

“This is amazing, Amber.”

I smile, “You like it?”

“Of course, this is fucking insane. I was not expecting it at all. If you would have told me you were getting me a guitar I would have thought a cheap one from Wal-Mart.”

I laugh softly, “You deserve better.”

Frank tires to play it.

“It hasn’t been tuned. I tried but I have a feeling I just messed it up more.”

“That’s okay. I can fix it.”

I stay on the floor and watch him tune it. Frank struggles with the broken knob a bit but eventually gets it where he wants it. He plays me one of my songs. I smile and watch. Even through Frank already has a lot of guitars I figured on more wouldn’t hurt. It is an awesome guitar and the instant I saw it I knew Frank needed it.

“Thank you, Ambo,” Frank says as he stops playing. I smile again and reach up to kiss him, putting my hands on his knees. He touches my cheek with his palm.

“Happy birthday slash Christmas,” I say when I pull away.

“Best birthday slash Christmas I’ve ever had.”

I kiss him again. Frank puts the guitar back in its case and stands up to pull his hoodie and hat off. I climb in the bed. When he is done we crawl under the covers and hold each other for a moment. He pulls my hair behind my ear and kisses me softly.

“Merry Christmas, Sally,” he whispers.

I smile, “Merry Christmas Jack.”

Note: Sorry it's taken me so long to update. I swear things will go back to normal after November. Anyways hope you enjoy this chapter :)
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