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It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

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"What's wrong?"

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On New Year’s Eve, Amber’s birthday, Liz, Alex, Bob, Amber, Jonny and I all pile into my car, driving into the city. Gerard is having a party at his place. We meet Amber’s oldest cousin outside of his apartment. Amber removes the distributor cap from my car before all of us head up the stairs. I remain sober because I want to be able to drive home…Amber stays sober because she doesn’t want me to feel left out.

As the clock strikes midnight I pull Amber close to me, kissing her. Gerard, who is still not too used to this, grimaces before walking out of the room. Amber’s cousins maybe alright with us dating but they haven’t exactly come to terms with what goes along with us dating. Mikey is the funniest of the two…he still squeals like a little girl whenever he sees me kissing Amber.

Around one I leave Amber with Bob and Liz so I can round up the rest of our group. I find Jonny and Alex in the hallway, attached at the lips. Odd, I was under the impression these two hated each other.

“Hey,” I say getting no response. “Jonny? Alex? Dude, let’s go.”

I still get nothing, “We’re leaving your asses here if you don’t fucking knock it off.”

Neither of them listen. They are still going at it. In truth it is kind of disgusting to watch. I now feel bad for anyone who is around when Amber and I make out. The two are still kissing when Amber walks up. She looks at them then turns her attention to me.

“Jesus, they’re like cats,” I tell her receiving a giggle.

“Maybe we should get a hose or a spray bottle. Does anyone have a spray bottle?” Amber asks.

A few people look at her funny, shaking their heads. Gerard tries the hose that goes to the sink but it doesn’t reach far enough.

“Yo!” Amber slaps Jonny in the arm but he remains oblivious. “Hey Jonny, you know how your mom watches Dr. Phil every day…think of Dr. Phil naked.”

Just like that the light’s click back on and Jonny pulls away from Alex, “You’re fucking sick, Amber.”

My girlfriend just laughs as Bob comes up behind her, “You were suffocating her with your mouth. Jesus. We’re trying to leave, fuckard. Make out in the car or something.”

“Where’s Liz,” I question Bob.

“We left her on the couch,” Amber replies in a cold voice.

“Let’s go retrieve her.”

I take Amber’s hand as we follow Bob, Jonny and Alex back into the living room.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Nothing, I don’t want to talk about it right now,” Amber replies.


Amber just nods, “Yeah.”

We locate Mikey and Gerard who inform us Liz rushed out of the flat. Amber finds her throwing up out front. All of us, minus Bob who is staying at his sister's, walk nosily back to the car. Well, all of us except for Amber, she stays quiet. I can tell something is bothering her. If she’s bothered I’m bothered. Although I’m worried about her I don’t push the matter, Amber will talk when she’s ready.

After we get back to the car we all pile in. Jonny doesn’t fit in the backseat so he moves up front, the girls occupying the back. Music plays but only to fill the awkward silence in the car. Everyone is tired and the atmosphere in the back seat is tense. I occasionally glance at Amber in the rear view mirror. She just keeps her eyes focused on the things I drive past. As we cross the bridge from New York to Jersey I see a tear fall down her cheek. Amber locks eyes with me, now knowing that she is busted. Instead of communicating silently with me she just goes back to looking out the window. What the hell happened that made her this upset?

I drop Alex off first. Jonny walks her to the front door. They take their sweet time making out on her front porch while everyone in the car pretends not to notice. Eventually Jonny crawls into the car and we’re off again.

“You do realize she’s only sixteen, right?” Amber says from the back seat.

“She’s two years younger than me. That’s not that bad,” he replies

“It’s not bad, it's illegal.”

“She’s cute.”

“How long have you liked her?”

Jonny shrugs, “I don’t know.”

Amber just sighs, going back to her silent watching of the road. I glance at her but she ignores me.

“I’m sorry, Amber,” I hear Liz whisper.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” my girlfriend replies.

“Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you. I just don’t want to talk to you until you’re sober.”

“I’m really sorry.”

I glance back at Amber but she just shrugs and goes back to ignoring everyone. I hate that she’s having such a shitty birthday.

I drop Liz off next. Jonny gives her a curt goodbye, not walking her to the door. Liz doesn’t say anything. Jonny and I have a quiet conversation in the front seat as I drive towards his house. Once there he gets out and Amber jumps over the seat to join me up front. As she buckles up I turn the car towards home.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Nothing,” Amber mumbles not looking at me.

“You’re lying. You’ve been weird since you left Liz. She kept apologizing to you in the backseat. You wouldn’t talk to her and you were crying.”

“She just said something that she shouldn’t have said.”

“She says a lot of things when she’s drunk.”

“I know.”

“What did she say?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

“When,” I almost wine wishing she’d just tell me so I can make it better.

“When we get home,” Amber answers bluntly.

“Stay at my place tonight?”

She nods, “I’ll be there.”


I reach out and take her hand in mine. I hope whatever Liz did is something I’ll be able to fix.

Note: Not exactly my favorite chapter ever but then again the next one isn't either. The stuff in this story is really touchy material. I just feel that writing about it helps. Oh, well, I'm done with the pointless rambling none of you care about haha...enjoy :)
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