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The Letter

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Brendon wakes up after a good night's sleep, and gets an unexpected letter from his parents.

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When Brendon awoke the next morning, he expected to roll over to an empty bed, because he figured Spencer would have gone to his own room after Brendon had fallen asleep. But to his pleasant surprise, Spencer was still in the same spot, sleeping peacefully in a fetal position. The sunlight streaming through the window perfectly illuminated his perfect face, and his gentle breathing made Brendon feel warm and happy. He looked so soft, and cuddly. Brendon smiled softly and he shifted even closer to Spencer, so that their noses were inches apart. Brendon gazed at Spencer's face, watching him inhale and exhale. He moved even a little closer, so that he could smell Spencer. He smelled....good. Like Gardenia flowers. Brendon gave Spencer a small kiss on the cheek. Grinning, he lay back down to sleep. Maybe he imagined it, but he was pretty sure he saw Spencer smile slightly when he planted a kiss on his cheek.
  When Brendon awoke again, it was nearly two hours later. The space next to him was empty, and neatly made. He sat up and ran his fingers through his dark hair. Then, he caught a whiff of something cooking. The smoky, juicy smell could only be coming from one thing: bacon. Bacon being Brendon's favorite meal, he dashed downstairs as fat as he could (tripping over his own feet in the process) and into the kitchen. At the stove stood Spencer, full dressed in some blue jeans and a shirt that matched his eyes so perfectly it made Brendon's heart flutter. Spencer turned around and saw a bedhead Brendon in the doorway, and smiled. 
"Hey, I made your favorite." Spencer said, bringing over the sizzling plate of bacon. Brendon licked his lips and was about to dig in until he asked, "Wait, why did you personally make me bacon?" Brendon asked, feeling kind of hopeful. Maybe he had been awake for the kiss after all.
"No reason." Spencer said, a little too quickly. Brendon grinned. "What's up..... Cmon Spence." He coaxed, prodding Spencer's shoulder. Spencer kept avoiding Brendon's gaze. Brendon prodded his shoulder again. Spencer gave a look of minor annoyance, then sighed.   "There's something I gotta tell you Bren..." Spencer said. He was tugging at the collar of his shirt, a sign that he was nervous. Brendon's heart did a little tap dance, and his eyes brightened. He had been awake! Brendon held back a smile and said, "What is it Spence?" Spencer swallowed. "I.... Well I got the mail today... And there was a letter. " Spencer said nervously. Brendon's smile disappeared. Spencer wasn't going to tell him he loved him after all. Brendon nodded solemnly and began picking at his bacon. "And.... the letter was from your parents." Brendon stopped his bacon is midair. His parents had kicked him out of the house when he told them he wanted to start a band because they said "it was against religion" or something. Why would they send him a a letter? It couldn't be good, one things for sure.
Anger boiling inside of him, he snatched the envelope from a pale Spencer and tore it open. 
"Dear Brendon,
Your mother and I believe that you have become anti religious. And that us not how this family works. You may not live under our roof, but you're still 17, and legally have to listen to us. We have enrolled you in this camp for the summer. It will help you identify your moral values and reconnect with Jesus. Bus comes tomorrow afternoon.
Brendon pulled a flyer for "Camp Of Our Savior" out of the envelope. Brendon skimmed over it. He couldn't believe it. Trembling with fury, he threw the envelope across the room.
"I won't go." He whispered. Spencer looked at him cautiously, ad if he were a bomb about to explode.
"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to music." Brendon said calmly, as he snatched a piece of bacon and trotted upstairs. Spencer watched him, appalled that he wasn't shouting. Then, he heard a door slam, and muffled shouts and yells and thuds. Spencer sighed, and helped himself to a piece of bacon.
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