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Chapter 3

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"Hehe" Naruto giggled as the three leaf shinobi ambled along the dirt path. He'd been making small noises for a few hours now.

"Seriously Naruto?" Sakura turned to the boy walking next to her "Whats with the 'giggling' and the 'squeaking'?" She exclaimed, no longer able to take it.

"Oh nothing ~" he replied in a singsong voice. A mischievous grin on his face.

"Is that so?" Sakura asked casually "then whats with the the foxy grin?"

"Hehe, like I said Sakura-chan ... nothing ~" Naruto winked at his teammate before speeding up his pace so he walked along side Kakashi.

"Baka" Sakura muttered to herself as she eyed the blonde suspiciously. He was up to something, she just knew he was.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei" Naruto started conversation with Kakashi, who was intensely readying his book "wanna know my theory?"

Kakashi reluctantly turned his gaze from his book to Naruto and raised an eyebrow "theory for what?" he questioned.

"Of who Sakura-chan's 'soul mate' will be of course!" he whispered.

Intrigued Kakashi lent slightly towards the blonde "and your theory is ...?" he whispered back.

"Think about it, we're searching for Sasuke who has been spotted around this area AND Sakura-chan's timer has zeroed out. Put two and two together ..." he trailed off.

Kakashi was noticeably surprised "you think Sakura and Sasuke are soul mates?" he replied in a whisper.

Naruto nodded enthusiastically "either that or one of the two guys on his team"

"Hm..." Kakashi muttered thoughtfully "you might actually be onto something"

"Hehe I can be smart when I want to be" he grinned.

"Quick question though ... why are we still whispering?" Kakashi asked curiously. Still in a whisper.

"I'm not entirely sure, but it just feels necessary" Naruto stated.


"Sasuke-kun!" Karin yelped as she grabbed hold of his arm and clung to him like a leech.

"Seriously Karin, would you stop it already" Suigetsu grumbled at the red head "its already quite obvious that your NOT what he wants"

"I don't care! That stupid timer is just a piece of junk!" Karin declared "I bet it doesn't even work!"

While Suigetsu and Karin continued to argue, Sasuke slipped out of Karin's grasp and peered down at the timer Orouchimaru had inserted into his wrist days before Sasuke had killed him.

"Can we go already?" Jugo asked "we're not going to make it to a village by nightfall if we don't hustle"

"Hehe you sound like an old women!" Suigetsu laughed at his teammate who shot back a glare.

"I agree with Jugo" Sasuke spoke "we should start moving" without another word he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the clearing they inhabited. His team automatically doing the same.

(Back with team Kakashi)

"I spy with my blue eye ... something that begins with ... R" Naruto said loudly. He had managed to get the whole team to play 'I spy' with him.

"Ramen?" Sai guessed.

"Crap! How did you know?" Naruto whined.

"You keep looking/giggling at the cup ramen in your hand" Sai explained with a fake smile.

"Whoops...hehe. Well its your turn now Sai"

"Hm ... I spy with my little eye ... something beginning with B"

"Broccoli!" Naruto guessed.


"Brown? Blue? Black? Bag? Bird? Brain? uh..." Naruto continued to list random things that begin with B.

"Baka?" Sakura guessed.

"Correct" Sai smiled.

"What? I don't see a baka!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I do" Sakura replied, staring at Naruto.

"Thats mean! I don't wanna play anymore!" he yelled childishly.

"You know, for a moment there I thought I was traveling with a group of five year olds" Kakashi called over his shoulder.

"If you were traveling with a group of five year olds, then wouldn't that make you a bit of a pedophile?" Sakura innocently asked.

Kakashi glared at her "I'm no pedo!"

"Thats what they all say" Naruto laughed.

"Righto, back to ignoring you lot" Kakashi said, turning his attention back to his book.

"Mmmm... now what?" Naruto asked boredly.

"We could play the silent game" Sakura suggested.

"How do you play?"

"Well you have to be completely silent and first person to speak or make a noise loses"

(10 minutes later)

"What the hell kinda game is this! Its stupid!" Naruto shouted after struggling to stay silent.

"I thought it was pretty good" Sai admitted.

"Well I hated it!" Naruto yelled "where the hell is that teme? Shouldn't he be around here somewhere?"

"Naruto please tell me you didn't think we were going to just casually bump into him along on this path" Sakura asked.

"Well...Thats kinda how I imagined it" he admitted.

"Think you know a guy" Sakura muttered at her friends stupidity.

(Back with Sasuke)

"Ooooh looks like it will start raining soon" Karin giggled, trying her best to walk right next to Sasuke.


"Hopefully we get to a village before then, aye Sasuke-kun"


Karin glared at the Uchiha when he failed to answer Properly.

"The next village is about an hour or so away" Jugo announced "its a small one to, so there shouldn't be too much of a drama about getting a room at an inn"

"Good" Sasuke replied.

"What! You answer properly to him but not to me!" Karin yelled.

"Hn" Sasuke grunted, trying to hide the smirk that made its way onto his face.

Then, with a thunderous boom, the dark clouds above released a waterfall of rain.

"Bloody hell, just our luck" Jugo grumbled.

"Its just water Jugo" Suigetsu reminded him "it wont hurt you ... unless your Karin of course, I mean doesn't water make witches melt?"

"Oh ha ha, very funny!" Karin growled.

"Would you both stop acting so childish" Sasuke demanded. Those two were ALWAYS fighting and getting on his nerves. Now he understood how Kakashi felt when he and Naruto always fought.

"Yes daddy" Suigetsu saluted.

(Team Kakashi)

Kakashi, Sakura and Sai stared wide eyed at Naruto who bounced about singing 'Singing in the rain' loudly.

"You have got to be joking" Sakura sighed.

"Its Naruto, I expected nothing less" Kakashi stated sadly.

Naruto suddenly stopped dancing and looked around "um...guys, when did this fog get here?" he asked.

His teammates looked about surprised that they hadn't noticed the thickening fog around them.

"I honestly don't know" Sai admitted with a frown "but its getting more dense by the minute, soon we wont be able to see properly"

"Making us an easy target" Kakashi muttered unhappily.

"Hey, isn't there a small village not too far from here?" Naruto questioned "we could go there. I mean with this rain and fog, we wont find Sasuke"

"You have a point there Naruto" Kakashi said with a surprised tone.

"Always the tone of surprise" Naruto muttered "Anywho ... lets go"

The group of four began to stumble blindly along the path, their vision of site being only thick white fog.

"Maybe we should tie a rope around us, linking us" Kakashi suggested "so we don't lose each other"

"Thats a good idea" Sai agreed.

Naruto supplied the rope and tied it around his waist then went to give it to Sakura "Here Sakura-chan..."

However, he got no response.

"Sakura-chan?" he asked again.

"Looks like we should have linked up BEFORE we started walking" Kakashi said, his voice containing concern.

(Minutes before)

Just as they had began walking again Sakura's foot caught on a rock, making her face plant the ground and unfortunately another rock. Seconds after her head collided with the rock everything faded into black as she lost consciousness.

(With the rest of team Kakashi)

"Well this blows" Naruto declared "where could she had gone in like a minute with out us noticing?"

"Don't know, but we should try find her" Kakashi stated "i'm not sure how though, since we've hidden our chakra"

"Why is it that OUR missions always take a turn for the worst?" Sai questioned.

"Its a team 7 thing" Naruto explained "probably should have warned you when you first joined"

(With Sasuke)

"Whoa, this is totally wicked!" Suigetsu exclaimed happily as they walked through the fog.

"Up till the point when you continual stub your toe" Jugo mumbled.

"Mm yea, thats a bit of a mood killer" Suigetsu agreed.

"What are you two on about? This fog sucks!" Karin complained "I mean I can't even see my Sasu-AH" she yelped as she tripped over something.

"What the hell did I trip over?" she questioned and kicked where she thought whatever it was she tripped over was "oh, I think its is a person"

"Sheesh. Trust you to trip over the only unconscious pink haired girl in the forest!" Suigetsu laughed after he had knelt down next to the body on the ground.

"Pink haired?" Jugo asked "no body had pink hair"

"This one does, if you come closer you can faintly see it" Suigetsu spoke.

Sasuke followed Jugo's action of getting closer to the body so they could see it.

"You have to be kidding" Sasuke said shaking his head.

"What was that Sasuke-kun?" Karin asked "do you know her?"

"Yea, it do" Sasuke admitted monotonous.

"How?" Suigetsu asked "I can't even see her and yet I tell that shes pretty, you don't know any pretty girls" he grinned at himself for getting an insult for Karin into his question.

"Hn" was all Sasuke said, before stepping forward and picking Sakura up bridal style.

"What are you doing Sasuke?" Jugo asked curiously.

"The village is nearby, we can take her there"

"But that doesn't answer my question? Why bother?" Jugo asked.

"It would be unsafe for her to be unconscious in this fog alone" Sasuke stated before beginning to walk in the direction he figured the village would be in.

"She must have meant something to you" Suigetsu spoke "if it was anyone else, you probably would have just left them"


"I'll take that as a yes"
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