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I Am Alive

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Just a Depressed teen, featuring The Midnight Beast.

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RING RING! My phone alarm went off, oh great.6am in the morning and i have to go to my disgrace of a school. I learn nothing. The only thing i love in that school is art. Art is my way out of everything, i express my feelings in a single painting, or a drawing. My name is Bella by the way, and i hate it. I slowly sat up from my bed and my face looked like crap; as usual. When i finished changing for school, i kissed my mother goodbye and walked out off my house. A part of me wanted to run back into my house and start crying and begging to stay at home. But i had to go to school because if i randomly started crying, i would have to tell her my life threatening problem. I caught the train to school, i would catch the bus but 'they' would be there waiting for me.

I arrived at school 10 minutes later, and as i walked into the school everyone started looking at me already. I hated this so much, sometimes i just wanted to break down and cry. Everyone pointed at me and laughed. I could already feel my throat tingling and my eyes swelling up. A boy ran up to me and laughed.
"Hey Bella, have a nice time slitting your wrists last night you emo whore?" he said as he grabbed my arm. He pulled down my sleeves and started pointing at it and showing everyone. I pushed him off of me and ran down the corridor. Once again, everyone started laughing like i was some joke. I can't take this anymore. I can't last another day here. I ran out off my school where the mob of angry teenagers was chasing after me, screaming out words like: "GO DIE WHORE!" to me. I finally reached the gates.
I can't go home now, so i decided to go to my favorite place. It was a little place i went when i was little, it was near this park. There is a little lake there, and i love going there to draw. I planted myself on a bench right beside it and took out my drawing pad. I started drawing a girl, lost in the forest. It took me ages, and when i was done i put it back in my bag. I took out my phone (don't ask why i have a phone, no one texts me anyway) and checked my phone. Oooh, 10 missed calls and 20 messages. I looked through the messages and lots were people from my school telling me to die. I started crying again and put my head in my hands.
I'm sick of this. I stood up and ran towards the nearest building.I ran up the stairs until i got to the roof top. The air smelt of fresh green grass. But i didn't come up here to smell the air.

I looked down and it looked pretty high. I don't care; i just need to get this over with. I shut my eyes and went to jump until i heard some voices shouting from under me.
"Shit no please get down don't do this!" the voice shouted. Joined with two other voices. They kept shouting at me and then i opened my eyes again. I saw three men standing on the ground bellow me with concerning looks on their faces.
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