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Chapter 12 - Popular

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"One of the popular kids tipped my milk all over my head."

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“So what kinda prom dress did you buy?” Gerard asked on Monday.
I shook my head “I’m not telling you, you’ll have to wait till prom.” I told him with a smile.
Gerard rolled his eyes but he was smiling “It’s not like we’re getting married.”
“No, but you can get married as many times as you want.” I pointed out “You only get one chance for prom.”
“She looks amazing in her dress,” Lexi told Gerard with a small smile “I thought your brother was gonna hang out with us today?”
“He said he’ll come and see us once he’s got some practice questions for his quiz or whatever.” Gerard informed us “Hey, where’s Jason?”
We looked at the spot where Jason usually sat then suddenly Lexa said “Oh my god, he’s over there.”
I turned to look where Lexa was looking and spotted Jason immediately. He was sitting over at the popular table, right next to Mandy!
I rolled my eyes “He is aware that she’s just using him, right?”
“Maybe you should tell him.” Gerard muttered “I mean it’d be good coming from his best friend.”
“I’m not exactly his best friend anymore.” I replied, tucking some hair behind my ear “No, he’s the one that wants to hang round that bitch. Let him deal with the consequences.”
“He wouldn’t have let that happen to you.” Lexi pointed out “He’d look out for you.”
“Look, I’m not his Mother!” I cried “Even if I tell him that Mandy’s just using him, he won’t believe me! Haven’t you ever watched a movie?”
Lexi laughed “Got me there!”
That was the moment that Mikey showed up, hair dripping wet with what smelt like milk. He sat down next to Gerard “What happened?” Gerard asked, looking at Mikey’s hair.
Mikey looked down “One of the popular kids tipped my milk all over my head.”
“Which popular kid?”
Mikey looked over at the popular kids table and pointed at Jason “It was him.”

I was fuming. After school I waited by the back gates for Jason to finally show up. I waited for about half-an-hour before finally him and Mandy walked down. I stormed over to them “Jason, could I talk to you please?” I asked, with a quick glare at Mandy.
Mandy glared back at me “Jason’s busy, why don’t you-“
“Did I ask you?” I asked, smiling sarcastically at her “Jason. Might I talk to you please?”
Jason let go of Mandy’s hand which for the first time I noticed he was holding “I’ll meet you at the rec, okay?”
Mandy smiled at him “Okay Jason. See you later!” She looked at me “Bye freak.” She muttered, walking away.
I turned and waved at her “Bye Mandy!” I called.
I turned back to face Jason “Why’d you pick on Mikey today?”
“Who’s Mikey?”
“You tipped his milk all over his head. That’s Mikey.”
Jason grinned. Yes, he grinned! “Oh yeah, that’s Mikey.”
“Well, why’d you do it?”
“Because he’s a dork!” Jason laughed “He deserved what he got.”
I stood, looking at him for a moment. “Oh really?” I asked. I thought about it for another second then decided to punch him in the face.
Jason slapped his hand over his eye “Ouch! What the fuck was that for?”
“You deserved what you got.” I said “Why don’t you just leave me and my friends alone?”
“Why don’t you go jump off a cliff and die you depressing emo shit?” He asked before storming past me and out the front gate.
I was still shaking with anger. How could he have done that? How could I have done that? I’m not usually the violent type.
I ran into the art room, hoping Gerard was in there finishing some kind of painting. But he wasn’t there. He must’ve gone home.
I walked back upstairs, tears filling my eyes “Why are you crying?” I muttered to myself “So Jason’s being a dick. You’ve still got Lexi and Lexa. And Gerard and Mikey obviously.” But that didn’t stop the stupid tears running down my cheeks.
I ran my fingers through my hair, feeling pathetic. Whenever I walked past someone I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact. How could Jason ever have been my best friend? I hate him so much now.
My face flushed a bright red when I remember. Jason was my best friend! The amount of secrets and private thoughts I’d told him… Now he could easily pass them on to Mandy. By tomorrow the entire school would be laughing at me!
I started crying harder and began sprinting home. How much more can I take?
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