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When a deadly disease rips through the world, would love be enough to save him from his untimely death? "Love sucks, then zombies eat you."

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Teaser video made for the story


The smell is hands down their worst feature, apart from the flesh craving disease that courses through their rotting bodies. If the strangled moans they emit don’t alert you to their presence, their smell definitely will. Then again, when the whole world has been plagued by this deadly disease, the scent kind of lingers no matter where you are. It attaches to your clothing, it sticks in your nostrils and it follows you. You can’t shake it. But it’s not just them.

Its death in general. It is everywhere. The rotting corpse pieces that are to scattered to return from the dead are laying in the sun day in and day out. Obviously nobody in the city wants to spend their days cleaning it up while being on alert for any walking dead. All the food bits that haven’t been scavenged by any remaining survivors are starting to rot. Animals are dying everywhere from lack of care and they too are beginning to decay. The whole scene is pretty depressing. That’s why the group I’m with tend to shy away from larger cities. That and the threat to our survival is greater there.

It seems They are too stupid to move on. Where there once was a smorgasbord of human limbs to feast on is now a deserted waste land. All the survivors moved into the woods, trying to head to smaller towns in hopes They haven’t made it there yet. Yet They remain, gimping around the cities in hopes to find a meal to satisfy their craves.
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