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Chapter 1

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Mikey holds back a sob as we slowly make our way through the tunnel towards the SWAT team, hand in hand…

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Frank's POV

Heavy hands slam down onto my chest, jolting me out of my peaceful slumber.

“Son!” My dad cries out in the darkness, pulling me up into a sitting position in bed. “You’ve been selected for camp!”

“What?!” I scream out, suddenly more awake than half a second earlier.

“The transporters are outside now!” My dad clicks on my bedside lamp and frantically beings throwing my clothes into a worn out book bag I had lying by my desk.

“But what do they want with me?!”

“The letter said you were selected for.. For..” My dad falls to the floor, sobbing. “Termination detail!”

My blood turns to ice. “So.. So it’s true then? They really are getting loose?”

“The Walkers?” My dad asks with a cracking voice. “Nothing more than usual, but they are preparing a team in every state of young men just in case this does turn deadly.”

I let out a small groan and turn to look out the window. A starless dark night sky hangs over us, the full moon casting an eerie glow over everything it can reach. Yellow and white flashing lights catch my eye and I slowly look out my window, spotting a white transporter van. Two men are standing outside the back door in full SWAT outfits, both holding a semi automatic weapon.

“I’m not going to have any son of mine fighting for the government that allowed this crisis to happen in the first place!” My dad yells suddenly. I turn around to face him as he slams my overstuffed backpack against my chest. “Climb out the guest window son, and run. Run as fast as you can. I’ll hold them off as long as I can.”

Tears fill my eyes as my father pulls me into a tight embrace. “I’ll always love you Frank. But please, do not attempt to find me after this. You need to save yourself.”

All I can do is nod in response, my throat constricted from holding back a sob. Without another word, my father pushes me out the door and down the hallway. I quickly duck into the guest bedroom and rush over to the door. Looking down into our backyard I spot no government officials so I throw open the window and toss my bag to the ground below. A two story jump is nothing. I can’t even recall the amount of times I’ve done it during the night to meet up with friends. Last night as a matter of fact so I could smoke some pot with my best friend. I quickly swing one leg out the window and steady myself before letting go, rolling onto my back as I hit the ground.

I lay in the cool grass for a moment before my fathers shouting voice hits the air.

“He’s not here! I already told you! I don’t know where he is!”

Remembering why I was running away, I quickly grab my bag and start running. Instead of running to the front of the house, I hop the fence into a neighbor’s yard and land on my back, narrowly missing their sleeping watch dog. The heavy breathing stops and I slowly look up, finding myself face to face with long, sharp white teeth. A loud growl fills the quiet air around me and I quickly jump to my feet.

“Shh! It’s ok Shep! It’s only me!” I whisper quietly to the angry beast. He barks once, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin.

“OVER HERE!” A SWAT member shouts from my backyard.

My feet work quickly and I soon find myself running not only from the hairy beast, but also two SWAT guys. I hop fence after fence before ultimately dashing into a stranger’s unlocked house. I hide behind the blinds as I peak out the sliding glass door. The SWAT guys run past, oblivious to my disappearance. With a sigh, I begin feeling my way through the dark house as I try to find my way to the front door. My bare foot stubs against something hard, and a loud crashing sound echoes through the room. A light at the top of the stairs flicks on and I look down to find a vase knocked off an end table, broken into a few large pieces below my feet.

“WHO’S DOWN THERE?!” A deep voice booms from the top of the stairs.

Panicking, I run through the jagged ceramic pieces and throw myself out the front door. I find myself on a deserted street and without thinking about a destination, I find myself running. I could always run to my best friends’ house. But then again, with the government involved, they’d probably know all the places to check. I could run to the high school. A simple glance at my school records would prove that would be the last place I’d go to. But would I really want to spend the last of my free days hiding out at school?

My lungs begin burning as my legs slowly stop. I found myself nearing a large park; so many hiding opportunities. I slowly make my way into the park, my heart rate spiking at every small noise. The threat of zombies in Jersey was minimal, seeing as how the issues were happening in Pennsylvania, but still, the idea of brain hungry monsters had me on edge. I look around nervously, trying to find a good place I could spend the night. So far my choices sucked; in the bathroom, under the jungle gym, in a broken tube. As I’m about to give up, I suddenly spot a small lake with a little tunnel bridge in the middle, surrounded by a dense patch of trees.

Yellow and white flashing lights slowly drive down the street and I haul ass further into the park. As I near the tunnel, I freeze in my spot as a small cough echoes out of the darkness. A small whelp escapes my lips at the thought of any potential threat.

“Who’s out there?” A weak voice calls out.

“Who the fucks IN there?!” I yell back, too nervous to move from my spot.

A young thin boy slowly walks out, clearly shaking. “Please don’t hurt me…”

“Who are you?” I ask as I walk up to him. He flinches when I get close to him.

“I’ll leave if you want to stay in there.”

“Dude, calm down, I’m not going to hurt you. What are you doing in there?”

He slowly relaxes. “Hiding from the men in the suits. They wanted to take me away.”

“How old are you?”


My heart drops at the younger kid in front of me. I could understand them summoning me; I’d be turning eighteen in less than two weeks. But fifteen, really? How desperate were these people?

“Let’s get back in there.” I say sternly as the SWAT van passes by the edge of the park again. I follow the young boy far into the tunnel. I was surprised to find the water from the lake stopped only halfway in and the end of the tunnel cemented off, completely enclosing us in. We sit down on a patch of cement as far in the tunnel as we could. The still shaking boy pulls out a flashlight and turns it on, standing it up. Our end of the tunnel lights up and I can finally get a glance at his face.

“So why are you running away?” He asks as he pushes his glasses further up his nose.

“They want me for termination detail.” I mumble, angry at the life interrupting assholes.

“That’s what they wanted for me too!” The boy says excitedly. “What exactly does that mean though?”

“Well from what my father told me,” I begin as I rack my brains for the conversation my father attempted to have with me on world affairs when I came home stoned. “Termination detail means you’re the jerks that go out if a zombie outbreak actually happens and are in charge of killing them all.”

The boy beside me tenses up. “Do you think zombies are actually going to come after us?”

“Well. They’ve had a couple escape in Pennsylvania where they are doing all the testing… But that’s all.” Dude, didn’t this kid watch television? It’s all they are talking about now a days!

“Well that doesn’t mean anything. I’m going to New York. My big brother is there and he’ll protect me.”

I laugh loudly on accident. The kid hangs his head in sadness. “Dude I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh. But do you plan on walking there from here?”

He nods slowly, not looking up from the ground where he was sorting small rocks into separate piles. “Its not like I got anything better to do now…”

The poor kid had a point. “Well, do you want any company on your insane journey?”

He looks up at me with excitement in his eyes. “Would you?!”

“Only if you tell me your name first.” I answer with a smile.

“Mikey! Mikey Way!” His grin spreads across his face.

“Well Mikey Way, my names Frank. I guess we’re walking to New York together!”

“BOTH OF YOU, COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!” A loud voice from a megaphone screeches through the empty tunnel. A pair of car headlights shine down at us, illuminating us on the spot.

Mikey holds back a sob as we slowly make our way through the tunnel towards the SWAT team, hand in hand…

“Stay strong Mikey.” I whisper to him as the SWAT men rush towards us.

“We’ll get out of this together, I promise.”
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