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Thank you for the venom

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“Guy’s way too fucking hot for his good, the sassy motherfucker!”

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Prologue-Thank You For The Venom

(Gerard’s pov)

“Who does he think he is?” I burst out viciously, slamming my basement door shut, “That motherfucker! Think’s he’s so cool.” I grumbled as I kicked off my converse down the stairs, “All because he can play guitar and got a fucking tattoo before he hit legal age!” I ranted as I tore my tie off from around my neck, “Oh look at me, I’m only seventeen and I got a tattoo on my knuckles cause it’s my birthday next month!” I mocked his voice quite accurately as I pulled off my shirt, “Pfft big deal, fucking arrogant, hot know it all, guitar playing, pierced, sexy tattooed asshole!” I muttered furiously as I threw clothes around the room looking for my Anthrax shirt, “Why does he annoy the fuck out of me all the time?!” I exclaimed throwing my hands up in frustration, “And why in the fuck do I think he’s sexually attractive!?” I shoved on my Rolling Stones shirt seeing as how Mikey hadn’t had the decency to give back my Anthrax one, “And why in the fuck am I talking to myself?” I muttered running a hand through my hair, hand on my hip as I sighed heavily.

(Frank’s Pov)

“That annoying jerk!” I said savagely, kicking the fridge door shut, soda in my hand, “Think’s he’s oh so smart because he can sing!” I muttered furiously, opening my can and taking a gulp out of it, “And can draw and look hot in skinny jeans.” I ranted, wiping soda from my mouth, “Fucking arrogant, egotistical overgrown vampire! All because he’s over the 5, 5 mark!” I continued, tugging off my tie and pulled off my shirt, “Oh I can sing and draw and even reach the top shelf!” I mocked his voice in a reasonable impression, “Ha fucking skeletonic, blood sucking sexy motherfucker.” I scoffed, bundling up my shirt and throwing it in the wash basket-only to miss, “God damn it!” I cussed, “Mr hot and sassy, ha there is no way I’m into him, no chance.” I tried to convince myself, “No fucking gypsy shagging way!”
“FRANK! WATCH THAT MOUTH!” My mother shouted from the sitting room.
I cringed, “My bad! Sorry!” I called back apologetically then picked up my shirt and shoved it in the basket, “Guy’s way too fucking hot for his good, the sassy motherfucker!” I mumbled annoyed.

(Third pov)

Gerard Way; eighteen years old, school outcast, gay, likes rock music. Good at drawing, talented singer and completely loathed at school.

Frank Iero; seventeen, gay, parents divorced, likes rock music. Plays guitar and known as the class freak.

Two teen boys, both go to Bellville High, share classes, same taste in music and hated for their looks and interests. You’d think they’d be best mates, a couple even. Far from it, these two absolutely despise one another. But that’s soon gonna change.
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