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Kill All Your Friends

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One glance is all it takes to get blood boiling between these two boys...much to Mikey's annoyance.

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Chapter 1-Kill all your friends
Gee’ s pov
“Yo Gee! Get your anorexic fat ass up bro!”
I peeped out from under my covers, eyebrows raised tiredly, “Huh?” I mumbled stupidly, “Da fucks Mikes?”
Mikey, my younger brother was standing at my bedroom doorway, hand on his hip, mousy brown hair straightened to perfection as always, clad in grey skinnies and sleeveless Stone roses shirt, and red belt, rolled his eyes behind his specs. Speaking of which, why does he wear them at the end of his nose like that for anyways?
“Smart answer Geetard seriously.” He said sarcastically, “I said get your anorexic fat ass up!”
“Yeah I heard you the first time.” I mumbled drowsily, putting the covers over my head and hoping to block out the sick annoying midgitised asshole reality. In other words, school. Where he’ll be. In my class. Sitting next to me. Fuck.
“Well why did you go ‘huh?’ for?” Mikey exclaimed annoyed.
“Because what you said made no sense whatsoever.” I stated flatly, “Now fuck off I wanna sleep.” I muttered putting my pillow over my head.
“We got school fucktard.” Mikey stated bluntly; I heard him walking over-and felt the covers of loveliness being pulled off my body, “NOW GET UP!”
“FUCK!” I shouted in shock and fell off the bed, hitting my head off the bedside table, and then my feet slipped on the numerous amounts of CDs I had neatly piled next to my bed. Or were piled neatly next to my bed to be more precise, “Meese shitting asshole fucking dip stick shitting motherfucker AH WHAT THE HELL MIKEY!” I shouted.
My brother was sniggering uncontrollably, “It’s uh, its moosi Gee.” He spluttered out, grinning like a maniac on retard pills-only to have it wiped off when I threw my pillow at him.
“Let’s not go there bro!”
Mikey rolled his eyes, “Whatever get your ass up all ready we’re gonna be late.”
“So what?” I muttered disgruntled standing up-only fall on my ass again thanks to the CDs I had scattered before.
Mikey burst out laughing.
“Fuck off Mikes!” I yelled, heat gradually forming on my pale skin-which was even paler than Marilyn Manson’s make-up-and then some.
“Whatever bro.” he chuckled, “Just get your ass up cause we’re gonna be late for school shithead.”
“Fine but you better have coffee on the table or I swear to God I will incinerate you with your own freaking luminous pink straightners!” I threatened him.
Mikes’ face paled, “Coffee and toast on the table on it!” He said hastily, grinning way too sweetly for him to be doing this from the goodness of his heart.
“Yeah you know better you little meesies shitting hair straightening, four eyed dork face dick lacking toaster destroying motherfucker.” I grumbled under my breath as I dragged on a pair of tight black skinny jeans, “Wait, toaster destroying motherfucker?” I clicked, “AH FUCK! MIKEY GET THE FUCK-!”
I was cut off by the apartment smoke alarm going off and Mikey swearing so much you would’ve thought he had torrents syndrome.
“AW FUCK!” I cussed as I tried to make my way out the basement-only to face palm the cold wooden floor, “Mikey!” I groaned loud enough for him to hear.
“Sorry!” He meeped.
I grumbled. “Fucking toaster destroying, spazimicated, retarded motherfucking , lanky four eyed ball lacking dick head!” I spat out.

You are honestly the most retarded, dumbass fucker I have ever had the misfortune to be related to.”
“I said I was sorry!” I whined, shoving my bag on to my shoulder.
“Seriously, if you weren’t such a stubborn fucker, we wouldn’t have this shit hanging above our heads.” Mikey ranted taking no notice of what I said.
“It’s not my fault he’s such a dick!” I exclaimed defensively.
“Yeah well he is, and so are you.”
“MIKEY!” I yelped outraged, “You’re supposed to be on my side!”
Mikey rolled his eyes as he took off his glasses to clean them.
“As far as I’m concerned you’re both lovesick stubborn retarded motherfuckers and its seriously starting to annoy the living unicorn shit outta me!” he exclaimed readjusting his glasses.
My jaw dropped. Mikey looked at me, “What you staring at now retard?” he asked exasperated.
“Lovesick! lovesick! with, with that, with that jerk!” I exclaimed outraged, my voice going up a pitch or two, “And unicorn shit? What the fuck?”
“I don’t know.” Mikey admitted biting his lip then, sighing and rolling his eyes he continued, “And yes you are lovesick with that ‘jerk’ as you call him. Oh and by the way, that jerk so happens to be my best friend so quit being a jerk to him.”
“Me being a jerk to him? He starts it!” I exclaimed outraged , ignoring the looks I was getting by other students-or ignoring the customary glares I was getting by the built like tank jocks and slut like bitchy preps momentarily stopping eating the jocks faces to hiss insults at me and my brother.
“Yeah I’m bi so what, I just know how to take advantage of both sexes.” Mikey replied to one blonde headed bitch carelessly, flipping her off, “And you both start it.” He turned to me, sighing, “By the way man, you might wanna get a rabies shot, don’t know where that bitch’s mouth has been.” He pointed out oh so innocently to a jock that had stopped eating his bitch’s face off.
I would have laughed if Mikey wasn’t being so annoying.
“I am not lovesick with that four footed, tattooed, short assed motherfucker.” I said defensively as we made our way into the lunch hall.
“And conveniently that short ass is where your eyes are nearly always glued to all the time.” Mikey pointed out quickly, smirking as we made our way up into the queue, “Hmm oh cool they’re serving chicken noodle soup today.” He said thoughtfully looking at the menu.
My face heating up furiously I glared at him. Mikey must have sensed daggers stabbing into the back of his head as he sighed heavily and turned to face me, as he picked up a tray, “Look Gee Gee quit denying it, you like him, he likes you.” He shrugged tossing an apple from hand to hand, “So quit being a prick, ask him out, make out, get fucked, and get married and grow old together. It’d be so simple if you shove your annoying pride aside and get over yourself.”
“Pfft that’ll be the day.” A voice spoke up scoffing in laughter.
I looked up and groaned, “Oh great.” I mumbled, “Just what I needed to make my day worse.”
Mikey elbowed me in the ribs making me wince.
“Hey Frankie what’s up?” He grinned as he ladled some chicken noodle soup into a bowl as I kept my hands busy by poking at something that was supposed to be fish. Is fish supposed to be green…

Frank’s pov
I saw them both in the line for lunch and I took a breath. Mikey was my best friend but his brother? Damn it he was a jerk! Think he’s oh so clever… No let’s not go down there brain, last time you went on a ‘I hate everything about Gerard Way’ rant it turned into ‘Why is Gerard Way so fucking hot’ rant!
I took another deep breath, ignoring the sniggers I was gaining by the other students. Okay I have to admit, it must look kind of peculiar. A guy staring at another guy and taking deep breathes before walking over. Eh whatever as if I care.
“Hey freak show, ready to have another lovers tiff with Gay Way like yesterday!” Riley shouted over then cackled, yeah cackled, with laughter. That guy’s on drugs of some sort I tell ya.
“No I’m not,” I replied in forced calm, “we are not lovers he’s an annoying self conceited jerk.”
“And you’re both emo fags, your perfect for each other.” Riley sneered at me then walked off arm in arm with his girlfriend…aw yeah Jamia, my ex. Lovely. But that’s another story.
I rolled my eyes and walked over to grab something to eat from the cafeteria. I picked up some edible looking vegetarian pizza and an apple when I got a snatch of the Ways’ brother conversation;
Look Gee Gee quit denying it, you like him, he likes you.” Mikey was saying casually, shrugging his small shoulders while tossing an apple from hand to hand, “So quit being a prick, ask him out, make out, get fucked, and get married and grow old together. It’d be so simple if you shove your annoying pride aside and get over yourself.”
“Pfft that’ll be the day.” I scoffed without thinking.
Gerard, (what kinda name is that anyway? Gerard? Pft) looked up then groaned. Oh jeez afternoon to you too fuck face.
“Oh great just what I needed to make my day worse.” He muttered.
Mikey I noticed rather amused, elbowed his brother in the ribs making him wince.
“Hey Frankie what’s up?” he asked grinning while his brother suddenly began poking at what I think was supposed to be fish. No wonder he looks rather squeamish…I don’t think fish is supposed to be green.
“Nothing much.” I shrugged, deliberately ignoring Gerard as we moved down the line.
I picked up a piece of fruit and a bottle of apple juice as Mikey grabbed a mango yogurt and some chocolate milk. Gerard I noticed, hadn’t grabbed anything. Mikey saw me looking and rolled his eyes.
He grabbed another tray and spooned some soup into a bowl, grabbed a cereal bar and a cherry yogurt, “Here get that down your system you skeletonic zombie.”
Gerard looked up blinking in surprise. No doubt he had been day dreaming again. He had that rather glazed, cloudy look over his sparkling forest green eyes which were covered by his silky ebony black hair that went well with his soft looking pale-AND WHAT THE FUCK FRANK STOP DROOLING! THERE’S A REASON WHY YOU HATE HIM REMEMBER!? HE’S THE REASON YOUR-LETS NOT GO THERE STUPID! I mentally scolded myself.
“Thanks Mikes.” Gerard muttered sheepishly and ruffled his brother’s hair in an affectionate manner, then he looked at me and his face instantly hardened, “Take a picture it’ll last longer Iero.” He spat at me.
I blinked then silently cussed myself while Mikey sighed.
“Oh please as if I’d stare at you.” I sneered icily, “Don’t flatter yourself Way.”
“Okay getting outta here.” Mikey said hastily moving away from the middle of the two of us, “Now where’s that walking puffball when you have two annoying stubborn retards at either side of you.”
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