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They Sent You To Me Without Wings

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Sailor Space is sent to the past to defend Earth from the enemies, meeting Kaiba on the way. Kaiba/OC Sailor Moon/Yu-gi-oh crossover

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A/N Not sure how I'm going to pull this one off. Let me know what you think and if I should continue it, and if it intrigues you. It's a weird story concept, I know.

It was unlike him to go out and have fun, but it was his birthday and Mokuba insisted.

“I got you tickets to Masako and the Starlights!” he proudly thrust two tickets in his elder brother’s face.

“Tickets to what?” Seto asked. He had never heard of whatever that was. Mokuba huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, giving Seto the have you been living under a rock? look.

“It’s only the greatest band ever right now,” Mokuba responded in the matter-of-factly tone 16 year olds tend to take on. Seto looked at the tickets.

“They’re pink.”

“Well duh! The lead singer is a girl!”

“How would I know that?”

“Whatever, we’ll be late if we don’t leave now.” And Mokuba dragged Seto out to a waiting limo and they were off.

The spotlights on stage turned on, each highlighting a different instrument. A yellow keyboard on a yellow platform, a blue drumset on a blue platform, and a red guitar on a stand, with a black and silver microphone on a stand in front were set up and ready. Masako and the Starlights was lit up in neon letters above the stage.

“The crowd is excited. It’s our last show, guys. Let’s make it our best!” Seiya encouraged his bandmates.

“Let’s do it!” Masako was hyped up on caffeine and wanted to burst out and make the fans feel like their love was not wasted. Seiya smirked and teased her by tugging on her knee-length, flame-colored pigtails. “Hey!” she chided, straightening the cones they stemmed from. He loved bugging her.

They took their places at respective instruments: Seiya grabbed the guitar and kicked the stand off-stage, Taiki poised his hands over the keys, Yaten took his seat behind the drum kit, and Masako back flipped onto the stage to her microphone.

Up in the private skybox, Seto groaned as the lead introduced the band and thanked the audience to coming to their last show. There was a loud groan from the audience below and even some hysterical screaming and crying with the occasional “SEIYA I LOVE YOU!!”

“Well come on now, I’m not going to graduate high school at this rate!” the lead cracked, and the crying turned to laughing.

Mokuba was sitting as close to the sill as possible. Seto began to think he did this for himself. The music began and Seto had to admit, the girl had a pretty good voice. For a high schooler.

Ashita e, Sailor yell!
Zettai! Tsukamaeru, Sailor star!
Kono chikai todoke! Gingamade!

“Masako’s really cute, don’t you think, Seto?” Mokuba suddenly asked.

“Who’s Masako?”

Mokuba rolled his eyes exasperated. “The LEAD SINGER, Seto! Gawd!”

“How old is she?”


“Then I don’t have an opinion.”

“Oh come ON. It’s okay to think she’s cute.”

“Mokuba, I’m twenty-four.”


“Ugh.” Two hours later the concert ended and Mokuba grabbed Seto’s arm again, dragging him out of the private box and down a flight of stairs to a door that read BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE.

“Mokuba what the hell are we doing?” Mokuba pulled something out of his vest pocket and waved them in Seto’s face.

“We got backstage passes too!” He looked so happy Seto couldn’t deny him meeting his favorite band, even though it was his birthday.

They showed their passes to the bouncer and were given directions where to find the band. Through a few doors and a few turns later they came upon an area with couches and chairs and a vending machine. The three guys from the band were there, but Masako was nowhere they could see.

“So you’re the fans who won the only set of backstage passes,” Yaten greeted with a small, forced smile. He hated meeting fans.

“That’s right, I had to call the radio station like a million times to win these tickets for my brother’s birthday,” Mokuba said, gesturing to Seto.

“It’s your birthday today? Happy birthday,” Seiya said a little warmer than Yaten. He rather liked the attention garnished from being a pop idol.

“Where is Masako? She should be here,” Taiki pointed out. Seto heard Mokuba suck in a breath.

“I’m right here, sorry guys.” The redhead entered from a side door holding a bouquet of peach-colored roses. Seiya snorted.

“Lemme guess, Haruka?” he spat. Masako gave him an annoyed look, her face turning red.

“Don’t start, Seiya. You don’t have to like her but don’t be possessive. You know she’s with Michiru and what her relationship is with me is nothing but platonic. Peach roses symbolizes–”

“Gratitude and friendship. Whhhaaattteeeevvveerrr,” Seiya drawled. Masako dropped the roses on the table and addressed the Kaiba’s for the first time.

“Hello, you’re the prizewinners?” she asked. Her eyes were a soft violet. Their depth was infatuating. Kaiba nudged Mokuba with his elbow but the boy had started shaking with nerves. He groaned.

“Yes, I’m Seto Kaiba and this is my brother Mokuba,” he said dejectedly. He really didn’t want to be here.

“It’s his birthday today,” Yaten said, sensing Seto wasn’t the kind who liked this sort of attention so he threw some at him to tease the boy a bit and make him squirm uncomfortably.

“Happy birthday!” Masako said to him cheerfully. “Was it a good one?”

“It was fine,” he replied curtly, borderline rude. “It’s getting late, Mokuba. We should go.”

“Okay, but…ca-can you sign this for me?” He produced a rolled-up poster out of nowhere. Masako laughed and gladly sharpie-signed it with a little bunny face after her name and a note saying she hoped to run into him in the future.
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