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Chapter 6

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“You know, Frank! You think you’re hot shit, but guess what! You’re not!!!” she yelled.

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I walked into Gerard’s house late the next afternoon. I was going to catch a ride with him and we were going to meet up with the other guys to celebrate the fact that our band finally got signed after months of hard work.

“Gerard?” I called out, but didn’t receive a response.

After checking the kitchen, I walked along the hallway to his room, which was also empty. I sighed, turning around. I stopped when I heard music coming from another room down the hall. It came from the bedroom at the end of the hall, Brittany’s. I knocked on the door, but when she didn’t respond, I pushed the door open. She was sitting on her bed, reading a book and quietly singing along to the music. I immediately recognized Bullet For My Valentine.

“Brittany,” I said.

She looked up and frowned, “Don’t you knock?”

“I did,” I said defensively. “You didn’t respond.”

“So you just took the liberty of entering? What are you doing in here anyway?” she asked slightly annoyed.

“I was supposed to meet Gerard here, but he’s out,” I explained. “We are going out to celebrate our success.”

“Why are you in my room?” she asked more specifically.

“Oh, I was curious when I heard the music,” I shrugged.

“Gerard’s out,” she stated the obvious.

“I know.”

“Feel free to wait for him in the kitchen or living room,” she subtly asked me to leave.

I smiled, “Mind if I wait here?”

“Actually, I do,” she said bluntly.

I started to look around her room. I was impressed to see band posters up on her walls. There were also pictures hung on the wall.

“You know, just because you got signed, doesn’t mean you’ve reached success,” she told me.

“I know. We all do, but it’s a start. Getting signed is a major confidence boost. We got a chance, now we just have to make the best of it.”

“Wise words coming from you,” she mumbled.

“I’m not a complete idiot you know,” I retorted sharply. “We’ll have to work hard. The next few years are going to be rough, but I’m ready for that. You have a nice room.”

“I used to,” she said. “Until you came into the picture.”

“I know! Now it’s great! I was just the thing it needed to be perfect,” I exclaimed cockily.

“Do you mind? You’re ruining my day,” she said straightforward.

“I wish you could be honest with yourself, babe. You know you love me,” I mocked, turning around and heading for the door.

“You know, Frank! You think you’re hot shit, but guess what! You’re not!!!” she yelled.

I turned around and she was standing right behind me. I firmly grabbed her by her shoulders, not so to hurt her, and pressed her against the wall.

“You have no idea what I think,” I said lowly.

Her eyes were wide with shock and for once she didn’t say anything. I crashed my lips to hers, kissing her hard. She grabbed the front of my shirt and pushed me away forcefully.

“Damn, I hate you!” she snarled and then our lips immediately reconnected.

She kissed me back hard. Her arms automatically snaked around my neck.

“Frank,” she mumbled into my mouth after a while.

I just kissed her harder. She grabbed my hair and suddenly yanked my head back.

“Fuck!” I swore loudly.

She smirked at my outburst.

“What if Gerard walks in on us?” she asked.

“I don’t care,” I growled.

She seemed to like my response, because the look in her eyes turned to one of lust and the grin on her face grew. She pushed me back and my back hit the wall hard.

“Let’s see if you’re all talk,” she muttered before crashing her lips to mine.

I soon had my way and we were lying on her bed, making out furiously. She grabbed the hem of my shirt, tugging upwards. We broke the kiss just long enough to pull my shirt over my head. She tossed it to a corner before wrapping her arms back around my neck. The next thing I knew, I was lying on my back and she was straddling me. A mischievous smirk played on her face and her eyes were burning. Brittany stared at my tattoos in awe and then slowly dragged her hands down my bare chest down to my pants before starting to fumble with the button and zipper, while all the while kissing me. She let go of the front of my pants and started trailing kisses down my jaw, pausing for a second in my neck and then moving down my chest.

I helped her get rid of my pants and before I could even blink, she had already pulled down my boxers as well and then… My head hit the pillow and my eyes rolled back into my head in pleasure. The girl knew what she was doing.

As soon as she was finished, I rolled us over and it was my turn. I nibbled down her neck and planted kisses on every piece of bare skin I could find. She sat up and grabbed my face, crashing out lips together. We both fought for dominance, neither wanting to give in.

Finally, the young blonde female took control by rolling us over to be on top again and then pushing me down. I used to think I was a tease, but this girl took it to a whole new level…


“That was…” I started, but stopped mid-sentence as I realized that I didn’t have the words to describe it.

Brittany turned on her side so she was facing me and smiled. It was probably the first genuine smile she’s ever given me and it was beautiful. If she always smiled at me like that, I could totally fall for this girl.

“So how many guys have you been with?” I questioned curiously.

I wasn’t trying to be a dick, but this definitely couldn’t have been her first time.

“What?” she asked, looking at me surprised.

I chuckled, “Come on, Brittany. This obviously wasn’t your first time. I’m just curious about the list of guys you’ve slept with.”

“First of all, I’m not a slut,” she stated firmly. “I’m not just going to jump into bed with any random guy – you’re the exception, but you were driving me crazy,” she slightly breathed.

I smirked in satisfaction.

“I mean that in a non positive way,” she added.

“And second of all,” I continued for her. “I still want to know…”

“No,” she refused, covering her face. “That’s embarrassing.”

I tried to pry her arms away from her face, but there was a knock on the door. Suddenly my heart stopped and reality punched me in the face. I just slept with Gerard’s little sister. He’d kill me if he ever found out. To top it all off, I was stupid enough to do it in his parents’ house where he still lived; knowing that he would arrive at any minute.

“Brittany?” a muffled voice could be heard from the other side of the door.

It was Gerard. Brittany and I stared at each other wide eyed. My senses finally came back to me and I scrambled over Brittany to the other side of the room, starting to collect my clothes strewn all over the floor. Brittany giggled and I failed in my attempt to try and shush her.

“Brittany!” Gerard’s voice reached our ears again as I pulled my pants on and Brittany also started dressing.

“Yeah?” she called back.

“You’re alive! Hey, where’s Frank?” he wanted to know and we both froze and stared at each other.

“He left,” she simply answered.

“He could’ve waited here.”

“Yeah, but if he stayed a second longer then one of us would be dead right now,” the blonde teen lied smoothly.

“Brittany!” her brother growled. “I don’t get why the fuck the two of you can’t just get along. You’re really a lot more alike than you think. Whatever, I’m gonna call Frank.”

We heard his footsteps die down the hall.

“You have to get out now,” Brittany stated, ushering me over to her bedroom window.

I scrambled through the opening, my feet claiming solid ground on the other side.

“I think that’s mine,” she noted, pulling a piece of lingerie that was clutched in my hands along with my shirt.

“Sorry,” I murmured.

I leaned forward to kiss her, but she playfully pushed me away and waved, closing the window in my face. Things obviously weren’t just going to change between us. I remembered that I was outside and still shirtless and quickly pulled my shirt over my head before starting in the direction of my mom’s house. My phone rang just as I walked through the front door.

“Hey, Frank! I’m sorry I was late,” Gerard immediately apologized. “I got a little caught up.”

“It’s okay,” I assured him. “I had some other things to do anyway. You weren’t that late anyway.”

“What are you talking about? I was almost forty minutes late,” he stated. “But I’m home now.”

I stopped in front of the mirror in the bathroom to see my hair all disheveled.

“Can you give me ten minutes and I’ll be there,” I said starting the shower.

“Sure, no problem. See you later.”

As soon as he hung up, I stripped my clothes off and hopped in the shower. When I got out and started to put my clothes back on, I noticed long red scratch marks down my back where Brittany had dug her nails in. A slight shiver ran down my spine as I remembered the feeling.

I was probably going to hell for this for more than one reason. She was my best friend’s little sister and she wasn’t even eighteen yet. Brittany and I hated each other, so technically speaking we just used each other for sex. All of this taken into consideration, I still didn’t regret it. I was almost embarrassed to admit that it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

I pulled my shirt on and fixed my hair before heading back to Gerard’s house.

“Hey, Frank!” he grinned when he saw me. “Sorry about earlier and about the fact that you had to put up with Britney.”

I chuckled, “That’s okay. We’re both still alive. Where were you anyway?”

“Uhm, Melania kept me a bit preoccupied,” he admitted sheepishly.

I couldn’t help laughing, “That’s why you were almost forty minutes late? You were with Melania?”

“Don’t judge me,” he chuckled. “I love my girlfriend.”

“Forty minutes long,” I snickered. “Probably longer, I wouldn’t know.”

“Fuck off,” he scowled, punching my arm. “Let’s get going. The rest of the guys are probably wondering what happened to us.”

It was about eleven thirty that night and Kasey, my best friend, and I were watching a slasher movie. The living room’s lights were suddenly switched on and the two of us protested, shielding our eyes from the brightness. I heard Gerard and Frank snicker.

“What are you watching?” Gerard asked, reaching down to grab some popcorn.

I pulled the bowl away and out of his reach, but then Frank just happened to be standing on my other side and he managed to grab a handful. I pulled the bowl away from his hands as well and looked at them both resentfully.

“Get your own damn popcorn.”

“We’re watching Scream 3,” Kasey told them with a smile.

“We’ll make our own popcorn,” Gerard replied. “And then we’re going to join you.
No making out in front of us though,” he joked.

I laughed sarcastically, “Like we’d give you two that much of a show.”

“Yeah, dream on,” Kasey agreed. “If you want some attention, you’ll have to ask your girlfriends.”

“What about Frank? He doesn’t have a girlfriend,” my brother said and I looked up at Frank.

“If he asks nicely, I’ll give him a private show a little later,” Kasey grinned.

Gerard and Frank burst out laughing and walked off towards the kitchen.

“What the hell was that?” I asked surprised. “You just flirted with Frank!”

She giggled, “Can you blame me? That boy is hot shit.”

I smirked, “Yeah, he is kinda good looking. Drop dead gorgeous really,” I finished, murmuring that last sentence to myself.

“Oh my gosh! You are totally crushing on him!” Kasey exclaimed loudly.

“No I am not!” I argued.

“Yes, you are,” she insisted. “I don’t blame you at all. Like I said, that boy is super hot!”

“Can you keep it down?” I slightly hissed. “My brother and Frank are in the next room. And I am not into him. You know how I feel about him…”

“Do I?” she asked, giving me a teasing grin and wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“Yeah, Frank and I can’t stand each other and we never will. Let’s just keep watching the movie.”

Kasey gave me a knowing look before turning her attention back to the television screen as well.
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