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Skylines and Turnstiles

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Time Lap : 3 years. (2001)
Gerard's Pov.
We Sat in the living room. Frankie, Matt, Mikey,Cameron, Gabby, Ray, and I. There it was. The twin towers Were Falling. Cameron Was Bawling, Her Mom was in the first one, Same level or above that was hit. Mikey was Cooing her telling her Her Mom was okay she'd be fine. I knew it was probably a lie. Harry Potter Song Cameron Picked up her phone and Screamed “ITS MY MOM!!” She answered it and her face instantly fell. “MOM NO YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT OUT!” she screamed into the phone. “MOM PLEA-” she was cut off she start crying and put the phone on speaker. All you could her was a loud crash and screams. We looked at the TV the first tower was falling. We were all bawling now. Gabby was leaning on Ray. Frank was in my arms. And Mikey Was Holding Cameron. We heard the speaker say that Most of the people in tower one were Dead, A Few made it. They Panned over to the wreckage, We saw A Women with Dark Brown Long hair Standing there Crying. She ran over to the Camera “CAMERON! HUNNY! I KNOW YOUR WATCHING! I'M OKAY!” Cameron looked up. “MOM!” she literally Hugged the TV. “Hunny I’m coming back to New Jersey as soon as possible, even if I have to walk. I love you. Mikey Better be behaving your self.” she laughed and Mikes turned red. “Ray and Gerard and Gabby and Frank, I love you guys. I love you to Mikey. Be safe kids.” The camera women hugged Cameron's Mom and Talked to her for a bit. There was A Rush of Dust that knocked the Camera off. Then We herd Blood Curdling Screams. The camera came back in and The Second Tower Fell. Harry Potter Song “hello?” “Bob?” She Put the phone on Speaker.

Bob's Pov
“Guys! Cat! She! Her Dad! Her! Towers!” that’s all I could Get out. “Bob. Cat Was In the Towers with her dad. Wasn't She?” I gulped. “Yes!” I started Bawling. “ oh My God Bob.” Cameron said. “I'm coming over” she said and Hung up. I Walked around. My Cat. My Beautiful wonderful amazing Cat was dead. I sighed. There was a Knocked at the door. I opened it And Cameron walked in. I hugged Her. “Bob I'm So Sorry.” She Cried. “ This is Horrid.” She said. “I'm Going to miss her more then anything.” I said Crying. I walked away and got a Velvet Box and took it back to Cameron. “I was Going to ask her to marry me.” Her eyes Widened “Really?” “ Yeah Tomorrow.” I Bawled. She Ran over and Gave me a hug. “Oh Bob.” She Bawled into my Chest. She Looked Up. “I'm So Sorry” I shook my head. She looked at me. “ Don't Be mad at me.” She whispered and kissed me. “Whoa “ I said taken back. “I- I Feel Like a Slut.” She Sighed. “I mean I Have a Boyfriend, You just lost your girlfriend and I Kiss you.” She looked at me. “sorry” and She went to the door. “ Wait!” I yelled and Dragged her Back. “Your Not a Slut. Now Sit and Stay with me For awhile.” She sat down.

Frank's Pov
“Poor Bob.” I Mumbled. I know Gee was mad At him yet. I Still don’t get it. Just Because Bob Didn’t want to hang out with us for a few weeks because him and Cat had plans, Gerard Got mad. “We have to Say Sorry to bob.” I Said Looking at Gerard. “What? No!” He Said Eyes Fixed on the TV. “But Gee-” I started “No Frank. It's Not Just He Didn't want to hang out with us.” Gerard Said Shutting the TV off.

~Time Lap 1 month~
Cameron's Pov
~Journal entry~
October 26
Bob is Still So Hurt and heart broken. Poor Bob. Mikey and I have been Fighting. Fuck. My world is crashing.
Frank's Birthday is Coming Up. What to get him. Probably that White Epiphone Les Paul He wants. Gerard and Frank Are Getting married.
Ray has found a girlfriend Her name is Krista, Shes Funny. I like her.
Got to go to bed.
I Shut my Book and Went to bed. “Cameron?” I Shook Awake. “Hum?” “Hey Babe.” “Mikey?” “Hey. I'm Sorry I'm being a douche, I just Feel Like you might be Cheating on me with Bob.” “Mikey, Hun, You Know I wouldn't cheat on you. now get your ass over here.” I laughed. He climbed in bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. “ I love you” He whispered in my ear. I rolled over and kissed him “I love you more.” He laughed and we fell asleep.

Frank's Pov
Gerard and I Were out at 3 in the morning getting coffee. “Typical” I whispered under my breath. “What?” Gerard said looking at me. “Nothing Hunny” I said Kissing him. The clerk Glared and said “Eww Gay People. Go Like Die. In Like A Hole or like something.” I laughed and said “like really. I like can't believe your like Homophobic. Like Totally.” and with that we left, laughing our asses off. “Oh Like Frankie, Your Like, Funny.” Gerard Mimicked, flipping his long black Hair. “like totally, Gee.” we laughed and headed to our newish House. We walked in and our Shit ton of dogs Barked. “shhhh” I said putting my hand out. Gerard Laughed “you have a way with dogs don'tcha?” “Yep!” I said running around. Gerard sat there and laughed. It was perfect.

Sorry its so short. :/

[*LAst chapter
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